While watching this week's episodes, I was thinking about what I could possibly talk about. The ending to episode 15 had me yelling at my computer screen like a mad woman and my mom asking me if I was okay. She laughed when she realized I was upset over a show, like me getting emotionally invested in a show is a bad thing. Is it...? Sometimes I wonder.....Anywho, instead of discussing the super heavy stuff that had me yelling "WTF!" and "OMG!", I just figured I would discuss my favorite scenes and moments.

I'll leave the other stuff to be discussed by Powerz and Lore.

I had a sort of "Awww" moment that was mixed with an "I knew it!" when Do Han and Chae Kyung made up. She realized her mistake and Do Han was able to see how much she still cared for him. This takes me back to 2 weeks ago when we played love gurus to these characters and I said these two could work it out if they truly wanted to. I guess Do Han getting stabbed by some crazed person woke both of them up. I'm not saying it was super needed, but I can say it helped their struggling relationship. I have felt something with Chae Kyung for a while now and I am glad my little feels weren't wrong. She is human and has been hurt. Do Han is smiling more these days and him being almost near death was able to make him see many things more clearly. That scene of them in Do Han's hospital room almost made me cry..I said almost. I have a feeling that these two will be married by the end of the show. I mean, they've been engaged for what seems like forever. I guess Chae Kyung had to find a reason to smile again and Do Han had to become warm-hearted again. Awwwww I love these two.

Chief Ko Choong Man has been going up on my respect ladder lately and this week was no different. For the past few weeks, Shi On has gotten under his skin in a very good way, it all stemmed from him saying he had respect for Choong Man due to the calluses on his hands. Who knew? Well from then on, Shi On has been the only one to have the utmost respect for the Chief and I think everyone else may be following suit. The scene that really got to me was when Shi On's "father" was berating him and Chief Ko came by and told Shi On to go to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and check on the preemies. Poor Shi On didn't catch on quick enough and Chief Ko just told him to hurry, I had a good laugh at that. Even though Dad was yelling at him, I loved how he stayed calm and simply said that he'd need a reason and permission to come into the Pediatric Department from then on. All together now: Awwwww! You know that was a touching moment and it showed Chief Ko's growth as a person and doctor.

Speaking of Shi On, he has improved so much and has shown to have matured more. The scene I particularly liked, well it's more like 2 scenes, was when Dad was fussing at the nurse over his food. He wanted rice and all he got was porridge. I like how firm the nurse was and how she just left. Shi On came in and stood firm and said he wasn't allowed to give him anything else. Why won't he give him blood sausage stew? Well because Shi On's a doctor of course. This upsets dad, but I love how Shi On just said his piece and left. The other scene was when Mom was once again trying to ask Dad to start being a father. Well he thinks she has no room to talk since she left, but she obviously feels sorry for it and says she plans on begging her son for the rest of her life. Before he can lay a hand on her, Shi On comes in and stops him, telling he's much stronger and he won't let him touch his mother. Yes, he called her Mom this time and I squealed. It's still going to take some time for Shi On to fully forgive his mother, but him acknowledging her as his mother is a great step.

There are more moments, but I'll stop before I start rambling on. Changes are happening at Seung Won University Hospital. Now that we're on episode 16, who do you think has had the biggest change so far?

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