Welcome back, Good Doctor fans, to another awesome two episodes of Good Doctor. My partner, Shai, wrote about her "Awww!" series of favorite moments and we also agree that some of the characters in Good Doctor matured a lot this week, which make me think, is this the end? If so, the story would finish on an uplifting note. I am particularly proud of these characters this week: Chae Kyung, Shi On, Do Han, In Hye, and Choong Man. In episode 16, we finally understand the meaning of what it means to be a good doctor.

I'm starting to believe that I admire Yoo Chae Kyung (Kim Min Seo) more than our main female lead, Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won). Why? It's because I love people who take responsibility for their mistakes.

Chae Kyung could have become evil in Good Doctor. Normally, I expect people to hide and scheme from admitting any wrongdoing, but not Chae Kyung. She is so strong, fearless, and prepared to face the consequences. After clarifying her goals and plans to Assistant Director Kang (Kwak Do Won), Chae Kyung flat-out admits the truth to her stepmother, Lee Yeo Won (Na Young Hee) and Director Choi Woo Seok (Chun Ho Jin) about her involvement with the traitorous Director Jung (Kim Chang Wan). On the other hand, Chae Kyung seems to have a plan in mind for payback to Director Jung for deceiving her.

I'm not quite sure what Director Choi meant by saying that if he lost Chae Kyung, he would lose everything. We haven't seen many scenes of them together and I don't know how great their relationship was in the past or if Director Choi is saying that out of respect for the late Chairman. We don't see any pictures of Chae Kyung on Director Choi's desk so how important is she really?

I love how Chae Kyung became so nice to Shi On (Joo Won) for helping her understand Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) and for protecting Do Han from the assailant at the hospital. I am thrilled to see her kind side. Chae Kyung admits that she forgot what it's like to be kind to people since she acquired a heavy heart filled with hate and frustration over her father's remarriage.

I love how Chae Kyung doesn't immediately get back into a relationship with Do Han. She honestly tells him that she erased all her good memories while trying to erase the bad memories as well. She also wanted to protect herself from Do Han's cold shoulder. To me, Chae Kyung is very much a real character.

Shi On becomes surprisingly much more mature this week. He is surprisingly doing well in his love, family, and career life.

Shi On decides to maintain friendship with Yoon Seo as a friend and not a lover. He came to the conclusion that it is better this way and at least he can still spend time with Yoon Seo as a friend. I don't think it's working though because Yoon Seo is beginning to feel jealous around Shi On, and she's not quite completely over Do Han yet.

Shi On found strength to stand up to his father for his father's own good, of course. He also defends his mother, though they are not quite at speaking terms yet. Damaged relationships can't be rushed.

At work, Shi On takes a stand against prohibited snacks and even scolded patients in front of their own parents, to their parent's approval. Shi On is becoming stronger as a person inside and out. I love when he threw a punch at the assailant just to protect Do Han, his hero.

Do Han is even more manly and cool this week. He starts doing his job from the heart. Not only is he a good fighter, he even excels at understanding other people's perspective.

Using Shi On's gift, Do Han, normally a strict and cold doctor, learns to appeal to his patient by using childish methods. Furthermore, he's a natural at it.

It's amazing how charismatic Do Han is when fighting the assailant. Not only do doctors heal patients in this gangster hospital, but they are also good fighters.

Lastly, Do Han is really putting effort to save his relationship with Chae Kyung. Honestly, the best thing a man can do is to just be there to listen to his lady and offer an awesome hug. Too bad we didn't see any kissing scenes.

Patient In Hye (Kim Hyun Soo) could have threw a few more tantrums at Han Jin Wook (Kim Young Kwang), but she quickly realized that he was hiding the truth from her for her own good. She feels guilty over becoming a burden to her sister.

Along with Shai, I am also impressed with how fast Ko Choong Man (Jo Hee Bong) is changing towards becoming a good doctor. Instead of wasting time worrying about politics, Choong Man is concentrating more on his actual job with a few funny moments along the way.

I respect Yoon Seo's philosophy on how a good person is a good doctor. I think it's impossible to become a good doctor otherwise. Coming up, my partner Lore will review more aspects about Good Doctor. I'm going to try to turn my life around too.

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