As Powerz noted in her review, the last two episodes saw our favorite doctors growing leaps and bounds. From finally learning to stand up against evil Dad to embracing what it means to be the shoulder to lean on, everyone and their coworker found a slice of maturity. I really liked the growth, and found it to be consistent given the trajectory we have witnessed in past episodes. The changes were not too fast and furious and were logical, which I am extremely thankful for.

Of course there was still some childish and outright funny bits to counter all of the learning. When Yoon Seo got all jealous of Shi On and Chae Kyung, I smiled. I love the pettiness of her jealousy, it was a nice, funny moment and reminded me that no matter how much everyone is learning and growing they still possess the huge heart and humor that attracted me to these characters in the first place.

Another favorite moment was when Choong Man was standing on the rooftop, regaining his sense of purpose. And then a bird delivered a present on his head. Haha. Kind of serves your right Doc (but I am still cheering for you to clean up your act)!

My fellow drama clubber, Shai, focused her review on the "awwww" worthy moments from the last two episodes. For me, Shi On and his sudden bursts of confronting his Father were my favorite "awww" moments. This man is afraid of the bully that made his childhood hell, so he runs away after confronting him. But he runs after he makes some kind of forward momentum, instead of running away at first sight (as he first did). Way to go Shi On! Fighting!

'Good' was the word of the day in Good Doctor land. From In Hye’s matchmaker tendencies being explained, “I can’t see a good man hurt,” to Yoon Seo’s explanation, “A good person makes a good doctor,” to everyone figuring out how to be a decent human being. The title of this drama is now the focus. Not that it has been ignored, but it has never been hit home like it was in the last two episodes. I applaud this, and feel like we are seeing how everything connects – become a decent human being, live your life as a decent human being, and you may just inspire others. I noticed that on the door of the hospital break room there was the following quote:

“There are two ways of spreading light: Be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”

In other words, be good, or receive kindness and pay it forward. The above is a quote from one of my favorite authors Edith Wharton, and captures perfectly the spirit of Good Doctor – learn and grow from those around you; shine your light and reflect the brightness others exude. This concept has become more and more real as we have watched our characters learn from each other and grow. I love seeing this type of growth, and will miss it terribly when Good Doctor ends its run.

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