Welcome to the last installment for this week's episodes of Good Doctor! I know lately we've talked about character growth and relationship improvements, but have you stopped to think about the characters who haven't changed? It was a little hard, but Lore, Powerz and I have come up with characters that we feel haven't improved for the better or at all for that matter.

This what Lore had to say: There was so much character growth going on in the last two episodes that it is hard to find a character that has not matured. When I think about it, there are a few, namely our bad guy Vice President (or is that ex-Vice President) Kang Hyun Tae. This character has done nothing but scheme and plot, even though it was revealed he has very sick son who needs an operation that only the Good Doctors of the University Hospital can potentially perform (which, according to the man himself, was the reason he needed to turn the hospital upside down to make it a place he could “trust”). Of course, due to his son’s illness, he has made some kinds of concessions, but in the end with all of his evil doings he has yet to change his ways for the better.

Another character who has not shown any type of growth is our henchman resident, Woo Il Kyu. From his dastardly deeds (letting Eun Ok out of her locked room to ruin Shi On’s chances of becoming a Doctor) to his negative comments, Il Kyu has shown viewers only one side of him – his bad side.

Park Choon Sung, Shi On’s Dad, is another character that seems to thwart all opportunities to change his ways. A drunk, first-class jerk who beat his wife and son, he has done nothing but continue his violent ways, even with a terminal illness. Wow, if even a terminal illness can’t change this guy I do not know what will.

I suppose it is a good thing that there are only a handful of characters in Good Doctor that have made little growth. The majority of the characters have gained clarity and maturity from interacting with each other, which has made Good Doctor an interesting and endearing watch.

Seems like Powerz has some similar thoughts: In the Good Doctor drama, there are characters who excel more than others, but these three characters seem to be living life in limbo: Assistant Director Kang Hyun Tae, Director Choi Woo Seok, and Doctor Kim Jae Joon. Is it a coincidence that they are all management level characters?

Not only does Assistant Director Kang Hye Tae (Kwak Do Won) not show any character growth in this drama, he refuses to let his own son get treatment at Sung Won hospital because he doesn't "trust" the hospital. He knows how well the pediatric department is working, yet he still has some reservations. I kept thinking that maybe his actions are for political reasons. I am baffled by his actions. Anyway, who else would be able to perform his son's surgery? Assistant Director Kang is shooting himself in the foot for being too careful.

Secondly, I am a bit disappointed in Director Choi Woo Seok's (Chun Ho Jin's) role in Good Doctor. He has the same shocked expression throughout the show and there aren't many scenes that involve him. I would have liked to see him interact more with the hospital staff. When things got too tough, he kept threatening to quit his job. He kept saying that he made a mistake so he must quit his job, but we don't know what he did or why. I thought that maybe he just wants his old doctor life back and managing a hospital is too stressful for him. As I mentioned in my review this week, he was also close to General Manager, Yoo Chae Kyung (Kim Min Seo), but they only had a handful of scenes together.

Lastly, Dr. Kim Jae Joon, the Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic Surgery department Chief, doesn't seem to be changing at all. He probably represents the sentiment of all the other doctors in the hospital who only think about money and power. Jae Joon, however, is also very serious about treating his patients. He made mistakes with the preemie patient, Lee Dong Soo, but he remains professional with patient Na In Young (Eom Hyeon Kyeong) and even tight-lipped about the surgery as requested from In Young. I would have liked to see him change his attitude about the pediatric department and show the members of the pediatric department the respect that they deserve. Good Doctor fans might remember the time he grabbed doctor Kim Do Han by the collar for stealing his patient Dong Soo. I would be very pleased if Jae Joon can at least give Do Han a handshake.

Looking at my partners' thoughts, finding a character who hasn't changed at all is proving much harder to find. I can just echo their sentiments regarding former Assistant Director Kang Hyun Tae. I understand his son is sick and in need of a surgery, but the fact that he can't trust the excellent surgeons in his own hospital to do it means he's at a loss. Like Shi On said, just because you get all these expensive machines and tools, if parents can't get the surgery then what's the point? Turning the hospital into a for-profit business isn't going to guarantee great & successful surgeries. If anything, it could make the doctors more greedy by motivating them to only complete surgeries on patients with money. I had hoped he'd show some improvement after learning that the hospital in Boston was communicating with Yoon Seo, but it just made him colder.

Like Lore and Powerz said, I'm not even sure what's going on with Woo Il Kyu. At first he was helping Choong Man, but after a while he became such a douche all by himself. With his colleagues being more warm towards Shi On, you'd think he's get the message he was on his own, but I guess not. What's his motivation? Was he promised a higher position or something? Maybe he's just mean now because he thinks Choong Man still needs him. I've given up on him already. He's more like a major background character to me.

Lastly, I may be in the minority on this, but I really want to learn more about President Lee Yeo Won. I understand she wasn't treated in the best way by her stepdaughter, but I wonder if she has tried to see things from her point of view? It was said that Chae Kyung really liked her before she married her father, so what changed? I'm not saying she's a bad character, but I've seen nothing from her that shows she's a victim of Chae Kyung's fury or she's disinterested in trying to truly understand her.

So with that I'll ask, who do you think hasn't changed or shown any growth? Is it anyone we mentioned, or an entirely different character? Let us know!

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