Welcome back, drama fans, to the second-to-last week of Good Doctor. The main buzz this week is definitely about the major romantic leaps taken by our Good Doctor characters. However, I'm leaving this topic open for my awesome partners, Lore and Shai, to possibly discuss in their reviews because they probably have some juicy things to mention this week. Instead, I will be focusing on the over-achievement of some of our characters. Certain characters go above and beyond of what is expected of them and I am particularly proud of them this week.

After Doctor Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won) generously lets patient Na In Hae (Kim Hyun Soo) stay over at her apartment for the night, the next day, In Hae starts bleeding due to acute septicimia. Professor Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) blames Yoon Seo for not bringing In Hae back to the hospital. At the same time, Yoon Seo blames herself. I think Yoon Seo made a good decision to let In Hae stay with her because if anything happened to In Hae, at least a professional doctor like Yoon Seo would be on hand to deal with an emergency.

Even after Assistant Director Kang Hyun Tae (Kwak Do Wan) stated that he wanted his son, Joon Young, to undergo treatment elsewhere, Yoon Seo continues to study Joon Young's case, claiming to use the case as her personal thesis. Do Han tells Yoon Seo to concentrate on other cases, but Yoon Seo is still determined to find the best course of treatment.

Meanwhile, Do Han was physically paying for being too much of an overachiever. His stab wound became infected because he refused to rest and pay attention to his recovery. After a sudden pain attack, he could barely stand up during Joon Young's surgery. Do Han is putting his life on the line for his job and it's not a good thing to compromise his health that way.

Luckily, Do Han has a good friend, subordinate, and colleague, Yoon Seo, who cares about him. She forces Do Han to go home for some much needed rest.

At home, Do Han finally achieves solving the difficult, hexagonal rubik's cube. It would kill Do Han to not be able to succeed at something. He is probably the king of over-achievement.

When Do Han is not performing his doctor duties, he spends his time building Park Shi On's (Joo Won's) character by dispensing good advice.

While it was never his intention at the beginning of the drama, Do Han is truly training Shi On to surpass him to become a really great doctor.

Despite being an over-achiever himself, Do Han would prefer an average doctor who does not rely on talent alone to do his or her job. In the beginning, I would have disagreed with Do Han, but now I understand why Do Han picked an average doctor who can reason well instead. Having a super ability alone will not make someone a well-rounded person.

Pediatric Manager, Ko Choong Man (Jo Hee Bong) is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters on Good Doctor. Perhaps, the true king of over-achievement is Pediatric Manager Ko. After receiving an emergency call from Shi On he bolts through the hallway like the wind.

I love how Pediatric Manager Ko went beyond what was expected of him and actually operated on a high-risk patient. I enjoyed seeing every reaction from the doctors when they heard Pediatric Manager Ko was operating.

I was at the edge of my seat when the patient flat lined and Pediatric Manager Ko started panicking. We can clearly see how much effort he is using to save the patient. His facial expressions are priceless.

Because of his drastic character change, Pediatric Manager Ko is slowly gaining respect within his department. I don't think he would give into temptation to betray the hospital for a promise of a higher job title.

The truth that Pediatric Manager Ko raised resident Woo Il Kyu's (Yoon Park’s) grades in order to keep him in the pediatric department was satisfying. At first, Pediatric Manager Ko used Il Kyu as a spy. Pediatric Manager Ko changed his mind midway and decided to keep Il Kyu as a doctor with great potential.

I also think Na In Young's (Eom Hyeon Kyeong’s) sacrifice for her sister is an over-achievement. She is willing to risk her health, career, and love life to save her sister, In Hye. I hope Shi On figures out a way to save both sisters.

Lastly, I am amazed that the doctors of the pediatric department are participating in a Peter Pan play. They rarely sleep, have to tend to emergencies and check on patients, and have little time off. I'm happy that they are having fun, and it shows that they care a lot about their patients.

The over-achievers in Good Doctor deserve so much respect. I cannot imagine myself in their positions. I hope that none of them will compromise their beliefs to join the new hospital administration in creating a for-profit hospital.

Next week is the finale of Good Doctor. I am super sad that the drama is ending. Don't forget to come back soon to read Lore's review on the drama.

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