Good Doctor continues to be a heartwarming and funny medical drama that makes me all gooey inside– which hurts considering we are almost at the end (and by hurts I mean, I will miss you show)! This week’s episodes had the right dose of funny, serious, and just plain inspiring. With all of the goodness came a moment that stood out to me above all others, maybe because I have some weird addiction to sighing….

The confession! Or almost confession hug! Yoon Seo finally came to terms with her feelings for Shi On (I think), which made me one happy viewer. Yoon Seo was able to realize, through her newfound feelings of jealousy and her racing heart (whose heart wouldn’t race if Joo Won was holding their hand!) that she thought of Shi On as more than a dong-saeng. Gulp, she actually has feelings for him as a man! Of course her previous feelings have been changing over the last several episodes, but episodes 17 and 18 made her finally realize that she likes her some Shi On.

I was on board for Yoon Seo’s confession for a couple of reasons. Yes, never fear, I will tell you those reasons now. Firstly, her admitting her feelings to Shi On felt like she was actually admitting them to herself and Shi On. A scary thing – pinpointing and sharing your feelings almost simultaneously. It took a lot for Shi On to admit that he liked Yoon Seo, so I was happy that her confession back to him was just as taxing on her own mental state and self-awareness.

Secondly, Yoon Seo confessed in one of those rambling, long pause ways. She let Shi On respond (which he did admirably, assuming she still thought of him as a little brother). This method of confession, the drawn out kind, is far more interesting to me than the instant “I like you” insert kiss here that happens in some dramas.

So now we have the long wait until next week, when we see how Shi On reacts to Yoon Seo’s huggy confessions. I am betting my chips that he will hug her back, after all he really, really, really likes her and all. These two, now that they have grown into their own, deserve more adorable zoo dates and dinners at the robot diner. In other words, I best be seeing a hug next Tuesday. Or maybe this:

Shi On’s response is not the only thing that we have waiting for us next week – Good Doctor will air its finale next Tuesday. The thing I will miss the most about this show is how it made me feel equal doses of giggles, inspiration, and engagement. I feel the tears welling up already in anticipation of the ending- I am horrible at goodbyes. Sniff. Be sure to stay tuned for part 3 of this week's drama club as Shai gives her take on this week's episodes.

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