After reading about Good Doctor's over-achievers from Powerz and then Lore's post about Yoon Seo's almost-confession, I thought I could take mine in a different direction. Instead of focusing on the main characters, I thought I could discuss the nurse's and patients because what's a hospital without them?

Everyone knows how much I adore the nurses, especially Nurse Jo and all his adorkableness. This week just made me love his presence even more. After his bad assness was shown last week, I had a feeling we'd see more into his background and we did! Nurse Jo was a gangster! I just had a laugh when his former subordinates came in calling him 'hyungnim' and the other nurses's faces looked like they saw something horrible. I do wonder what happened to make him just give up his former life and become a nurse, by his happy nature you would have never thought he had that life before. His poor lackeys looked like lost puppies when he told them to stop looking for him and to live like humans. Wait, have they been searching for him this entire time? Like do they not have a boss since theirs left them? So many questions and so little time to have them answered. *sigh* Well, I still love you Nurse Jo!

Speaking of Nurse Jo, Head Nurse Nam has been thinking about Nurse Jo. Well I'm not sure how much more she will think of him now that she knows about his past, but it was still amusing to her day dreaming about him.

I know I've been talking about In Hye and her friendships with the hospital staff, I love her character and I didn't think we'd get permanent patients that last throughout the drama. Maybe it has to do with her sister's (possible) love line with Jin Wook, but In Hye has been a main fixture in Seung Wan University Hospital. I love how we not only are focused on her medical problems, but other issues in her life from her parents dying to her sister being her main provider. We've seen In Hye in many stages with different emotions and I have to applaud the actress, Kim Hyun Soo, for giving life to Na In Hye. She's a vital character and has somehow been the glue for some of the main characters she interacts with.

I would talk about the other children individually, but that would make this a very long post lol So I'll just say that all of the kids are all very important, not just because this drama takes place in a Pediatric Surgery Department in a hospital. The way they interact with the doctors and each other, it's great. I really loved the scene with Assistant Director Kang's son was playing with them almost made me tear up. He looked very happy and seeing him happy, made his parents smile. It was also a very defining moment for his father.

Before I go, I also want to say that I thought we were past the "I don't want my child being treated by that doctor because he's weird" phase, but after some deep thinking I realized it was the reaction afterwards that was important. Yoon Seo tried to argue saying that Shi On is a fine doctor, it was the moms of the other patients that made me smile. They were the ones before wanting to remove him, but they came to his defense saying he cares for his patients and he takes good care of their children. I loved that, but the mother wasn't having it and Shi On willingly said to switch the patient to another doctor. I think it showed how much he's grown and he understands that you can't please everyone. But the kids' mothers is what caught my attention and I was happy they stuck up for him in that moment.

One more thing, am I the only one who is in love with Joo Won's song for the OST? I swear, he's perfect.

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