Drama fans, there is only one more week of Good Doctor left! Did you all enjoy the show so far? As we are quickly approaching the finale, my partners, Lore, Shai, and I have started to speculate on how Good Doctor would end. Will it end on a good note? Will relationships be saved? Will our patients have a happy ending, and will Sung Won hospital really turn into a for-profit hospital? We will each take a turn to reveal our thoughts.


How do I want Good Doctor to wrap things up? Quite simply (and maybe selfishly), I want a happy ending that makes sense. I would like for Shi On and Yoon Seo to start a relationship, and move at their own pace towards continued happiness.

I would like the pediatrics surgery team to keep working together and learning from each other.

I would like the politics around the hospital takeover to end, and leave everyone with a situation that is best for the patients and the staff.

I would like Do Han and Chae Kyung, with their newly patched relationship, to keep it going and get married and have adorable doctor-hospital administrator babies. Oh, and I would like…

In Hye to live! Because it seems like this is the last big hint of doom (other than the hospital take over) that is hanging over this story. Over the last 18 episodes, the character of In Hye, with her match making and supportive ways in the face of her own illness, has really grown on me. I like this girl and I want to see her get better and have a long and happy life working for Cyrano Dating Agency. I feel like the show keeps hinting that she is not going to make it through the surgery, and I would, really, really, really not be okay with this. Dear show – you have been warned.


How do I want Good Doctor to end? Well, coming from watching dramas this year with great endings like Nine, All About My Romance, or even Master's Sun, I want one that makes sense. I don't mind if someone has to die, but don't kill them off just to get ratings so people would watch to know who died and who didn't. I want all the loose ends tied up nicely in a bow and handed to me in a pretty package of a finale.

Not gonna lie, I want a time jump to show Do Han and Chae Kyung married with at least one baby. Maybe we won't get the baby, but we should see them married before the show ends. If Shi On and Yoon Seo pursue their romantic relationship, hopefully their progression will be believable and nice. I don't wish for marriage or babies for them.....not yet at least. I want to see them in a happy place.

I also second Lore's sentiment, please keep In Hye alive and her sister alive and okay as well. I wouldn't be able to take if she or In Young actually died.

Speaking of In Young, I want her and Jin Wook to be together and happy. I am hoping that she finally gives in to her feelings for him (we all know she has them) and accept his so they can be a happy family. If she does end up on an IV for life, at least she'd be with a doctor.

Last, but not least, I really hope the hospital takeover doesn't happen from Evil Chairman. I hope someone not evil swoops in and underhands him and his scheme.

But once again, I will warn you writer of Good Doctor: DO NOT KILL OFF IN HYE OR IN YOUNG! I will fly to Korea if we have a bad ending, would anyone like to join me?


I would gladly join Shai on a flight to Korea if it means we can be drama-solving gurus. I totally support what Lore and Shai has to say so far about romantic relationships, patient's lives, and hospital takeovers. However, I'm not sure if I want to see Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) and Chae Kyung (Kim Min Seo) get married. I actually like the pace they are taking: nice and slow, because that's what Chae Kyung actual needed.

One thing that I do want to see before the show ends is to watch Park Shi On (Joo Won) become a true doctor. He needs one, great surgery to rule them all before he is finally respected and acknowledged as a true doctor. At that point, he would have no problem happily dating his colleague, Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won).

As for patient deaths, I think Shi On has a good hunch on how to solve the Na In Hye (Kim Hyun Soo) case. Actually, there was only had one patient death so far and the death was used for the character growth of Yoon Seo and Shi On.

Unfortunately, I think Shi On's father is taking a turn for the worse. It would be nice to see him make peace with his family before his last breath.

I hope the cute kids at the hospital get to go home nice and healthy.

As for hospital administration woes, I think Assistant Director Kang (Kwak Do Han) and Chae Kyung have something up their sleeves to overturn Director Jung's (Kim Chang Wan's) schemes. It would be nice to see them finally team up this time to regain influence from Director Jung or team up with Nurse Jo (Ko Chang Seok) and his gang members.

Assistant Director Kang is already not too keen on Director Jung's decision to rehire Managing Director, Lee Hyeok Pil (Lee Ki Yeol). Hopefully Assistant Director Kang will make peace with the hospital with additional influence from his son. I also hope the rest of the hospital gives the pediatric department the respect that they deserve.

What are your thoughts on how Good Doctor will end? Did you enjoy the show so far? It was a pleasure for Lore, Shai, and I to write for the Good Doctor drama club and we all hate to see the drama end. Don't miss our thoughts on the drama finale coming soon! Perhaps, Do Han would appreciate two thumbs up then. Now, how about we have a finale scene with not some, but all the doctors going out to party?

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