Color me satisfied. The finale of Good Doctor managed to mix poignant life lessons, humor, and plain old goodness into an hour of awesome television. There was a lot to be happy with, which quite frankly surprised me.

I was expecting there to be a few things that were concluded in an unsatisfactory manner, especially regarding In Hye’s surgery. In other words, I was prepared to hate moments of the last episode based on how the story built certain events up, but I am thrilled to report that this is not the case.

In the relationship department (both romantic, friendly and familial) the finale did not disappoint. We were treated to Yoon Seo and Shi On braving the storm and becoming stronger. Kim Do Han and Chae Kyung solidified their future with a matter of fact proposal. Jin Wook and In Young finally took a chance on love. Even our head nurse and our ex-mobster orderly were able to come together. See that? It is the smile on my face. Sorry, I cannot help it.

Shi On and his father made as much peace with each other as they possibly could. In the end Shi On patched up his relationship with Mom, eventually living with her. The first episode of Good Doctor was depressing because of Shi On’s awful background (among other things), so this filial end felt like full circle more than any of the other relationships in the show (other than the hyung / dongsaeng relationship that healed both Do Han and Shi On). Even if Dad was a jerk until the last moments – a few nice words do not change a lifetime of cruelty - there was a sort of come-to-terms understanding that this family was left with. I was okay with that, and it felt consistent given the characters involved.

Speaking of characters, ninety-nine percent of the characters in Good Doctor ended up as better people in the end, all thanks to learning from each other. That was one of the core messages of Good Doctor; we are better people when we take the time to learn what others can teach us. From the super academic to the silly nice guy, each type of personality in this world has something they can learn from another.

The other (or should I say central) theme of Good Doctor is the subjective idea of “good”. After all, what is good? I think there are a lot of different answers to this question, from moral choices to consistent actions to balancing common sense and intelligence to help others, there is not one correct and universal answer. In the end, Shi On reasoned (with the words of Do Han) that the concept of good in relation to the profession of a doctor is that of a person who wonders what makes a person good. Trying to understand what makes someone kind and decent requires an aptitude or understanding of the concept of goodness itself. But to be truly good, one must have scars and know what it was like to heal. I like this message. It really did fit with this show. Enough to find me, tears in my eyes (but a smile on my face-weird, I know) bidding farewell to Good Doctor and Park Shi On. I will miss you both, dearly.

Be sure to check out the rest of this week’s Good Doctor drama club, as Shai, Powerz, and myself continue to discuss the finale. I will be right back, I have to go grab a tissue. Talk amongst yourselves!

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