Good Doctor fans, I'm writing to bid farewell to an awesome drama that ended this week. My partners, Lore and Shai, already reviewed the finale. While watching the last episodes, I realized that there were nine topics that surprised me.

#1 Park Shi On (Joo Won) and Cha Yoon Seo’s (Moon Chae Won’s) Dating Moments

I was surprised that Chae Won sped up the relationship significantly after she confessed to Shi On and tricked him by wearing a pony tail to work (as a rejection sign). She wastes no time downloading an anniversary app and announcing her relationship status to her colleagues. I want to use her idea of putting a spoon in a bottle to make it look like a microphone.

Out of nowhere, her childhood doctor friend, Eun Jung shows up to my annoyance. Why now? It's a good thing Yoon Seo's other friends aren't as snobby although I still wonder how Yoon Seo will face her mother. Shi On's answer of describing Yoon Seo as a Christmas present melted my heart.

Yoon Seo is awesome in how strong she defends her relationship with Shi On. I was surprised at how she took care of the gossipers at the hospital and even told Eun Jung, "Whatever," after hearing Eun Jung's nonsense. Yoon Seo's right. What is there to be scared of?

#2 - Park Shi On – An Adult

Shi On grew up fast and I started viewing him as an adult. As Shi On contemplates his relationship, he lies again to cover up his hurt feelings. He learns about painful love through Han Jin Wook (Kim Young Kwang). Why wasn't Shi On as strong as Yoon Seo when protecting his love?

I was surprised how quickly Shi On charmed Yoon Seo's friends. After kissing Yoon Seo, out of embarrassment, Shi On couldn't fully explain his first kiss as he touched his lip. Woah.

A year later, Shi On lives with his mother and commutes all the way to the hospital. Isn’t traveling that far inconvenient especially during emergencies? He still contemplates the meaning of a good doctor and I loved his "older brother" Kim Do Han's (Joo Sang Wook) response. Shi On resolves to feel pain every day in order to have compassion for others, but he really shouldn't think that while Yoon Seo’s hand.

#3 - Park Choon Sung (June Ho Keun)’s Reason for Peace

A part of me expected the father-son pair to reconcile, but Choon Sung only makes peace with Shi On because he's worried about his annual memorial service. Shi On never got a chance to have a good memory of him. At least, Choong Sung will meet his beloved son, Shi On's brother, in heaven.

#4 Kim Do Han: Let's Do it

Do Han didn't have to speak during his marriage proposal to Yoo Chae Kyung (Kim Min Seo). He also directly asked Shi On if Shi On would like to be Do Han's younger brother on the down-low.

#5 - Jo Jung Mi's (Ko Chang Seok's) Past

Nurse Jo’s best drama moment: I teared up as Nurse Jo recalled how he lost his beloved nephew in a surprising confession.

#6 - Na In Hye's (Kim Hyun Soo's) Miraculous Recovery

I thought Shi On would have a genius solution to save In Hye's life and I am disappointed that I never saw Shi On as the main surgeon in the operating room. According to Director Choi (Chun Ho Jin), hope is the last treatment for a patient when all else fails.

I'm surprised In Hye recovered in the hospital for one year, especially after Yoon Seo promised that In Hye can eat delicious food.

#7 - Assistant Director Kang (Kwak Do Won): Genius

Assistant Director Kang had the most awesome lines this week. He is such a genius and formidable opponent, enabling him to play both sides. He advises Chae Kyung to have foreign banks compete against each other for the opportunity to stop their competitor, West Emerson. Even Director Jung's (Kim Chang Wan’s) 15-year plan was easily defeated in the process.

#8 - Cameos!

Park Young Ji made a cameo in episode 20 as the Director of NHPLEB who gives Shi On his certificate. I have a personal nickname for Park Young Ji and I always notice him whenever I watch a drama even though he usually plays a minor role.

In a Bridal Mask reunion, Park Ki Woong joins the pediatric department as a doctor who apparently makes a lot of mistakes and excuses.

#9 - Behind the Scenes

After the drama ended, there were a few behind the scenes pictures of the actors hard at work. I really appreciate the effort that everyone put in. Bravo, Good Doctor!

I would like to thank Dramafever for the opportunity to let me review Good Doctor, my partners, Lore and Shai, for such a fun experience and our excellent teamwork, and of course, our drama club readers, for reading our reviews and supporting us. Our drama club will still publish one more review on Good Doctor. I hope to see you again soon. If you miss Lore, Shai, and me, you are welcome to check out our blogs below for the latest updates. Thank you!

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