The day has come- it is time for the drama club to bid farewell to the bestest Pediatrics Surgery team in drama-land *tears*. For our farewell collaboration we are going to rock questions and answers, drama club style. Get ready for a rundown on what we loved, what we will miss, and if we think the doctors of Good Doctors were actually good doctors in the end. Now on with the questioning (and answering)! Cheers!

#1 What is your definition of a good doctor? Did the doctors in the drama match your definition?

Shai: A good doctor, to me, is a doctor who doesn't give up hope when things look grim & will try their best for their patients. Some of the doctors did match my definition, even some who weren't the best characters were good doctors.

Powerz: A good doctor is a doctor who does all he or she reasonably can to save a patient and cares about the patient's welfare at the same time. So far, all the doctors in the pediatric department became good (or even better) doctors in the end.

Lore: A good doctor is someone who you feel at ease with, someone you can trust. A good doctor is also someone who puts patients first, much like the doctors of Good Doctor.

#2 Were you satisfied with Good Doctor? What will you miss the most about this drama?

Shai: I was very satisfied with Good Doctor. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did. I think I'm going to miss the kid patients the most. I really loved them.

Powerz: I think Good Doctor is a good drama to watch as we see each character try to overcome his or her personal difficulties. I will miss seeing Joo Won act as Park Shi On. I think I will associate Joo Won with Park Shi On for a long time. Joo Won definitely redeemed himself from Level 7 Civil Servant.

Lore: I was satisfied. There are some elements I was not happy with *cough hospital politics cough* but overall I found this to be a very enjoyable show. And I second Powerz – Joo Won redeemed himself with this one.

#3 What do you think is the theme of Good Doctor? Did you learn anything from watching the drama?

Shai: Good Doctor has multiple themes, but I think the overall theme was how to be a good person and in what ways you can achieve that. I learned how to truly forgive because I know forgiving someone who wronged you isn't easy.

Powerz: The theme of Good Doctor is that no matter how difficult obstacles may become, the heart will lead the way. Most characters learned to grow by listening to their heart.

Lore: Shai and Powerz pretty much covered it; GD is a show about being a good person, forgiveness, and listening to your heart. I did learn things from this drama. It left a huge impression with me in regards to what is possible.

#4 Who is (are) your favorite and least favorite character(s)?

Shai: My favorite characters are Shi On and In Hye. My least favorite is Chief Kim of the HPB Department.

Powerz: Surprisingly, my favorite character is Ko Choong Man (Jo Hee Bong), Chief of the Pediatrics Department and Assistant Director Kang (Kwak Do Won) simply because their performances surpassed my expectations by leaps and bounds. My least favorite character is Shi On's father, Park Choon Sung (Jung Ho Keun). I can't believe a father can treat his son that poorly and expect a good memorial service afterwards as if that is the most important thing on earth.

Lore: My favorite characters are Shi On, Director Kang, and Yoon Seo. My least favorite was Assistant Director Kang Hyun Tae (because of his plotting and the overuse of baseball metaphors).

#5 Who is your favorite patient?

Shai: I have a few: In Hye, Eun Ok, and Assistant Director Kang's son, Joon Young.

Powerz: I love Eun Ok the most. She provided me one of the best laughs in Good Doctor when she ran over a patient in crutches.

Lore: This is a tough one, but I would have to say In Hye. It got to me how young she was and how much she had been through. Plus she was kind of like family with the doctors, having been in the hospital so much. I loved her relationship with Shi On too!

#6 How is the soundtrack?

Shai: I really loved Joo Won's song for this drama

Powerz: The soundtrack is great.I especially like the main theme, "I Am In Love" by 2BiC. The song makes my heart swell up inside.

Lore: Kim Jong Kook. Loved it. The end.

#7 Do you think the story of Park Shi On is realistic?

Shai: Some of it is, but other parts are sensationalized for drama purposes. The parts about his disability and how he acted was real, but some other areas I believe are dramatized for the sake of television.

Powerz: I'm not sure if it's realistic or not. While I do believe that having an excellent memory is possible, I also believe that generating a 3D image that focuses on internal organs and details in Park Shi On's mind for surgery is far-fetched. I thought Shi On would use more actual skills in the drama. I also thought that Shi On matured really quickly over a span of a few episodes.

Lore: This is a tough question, mostly because I have no experience to base my answer on. I know that people who are autistic have gone on to do great things, but I am not sure if any of them have become doctors. And I am not sure about that whole 3D imaging thing….in other words, maybe?!

#8 How was your experience this time as seasoned Dramafever reviewer?

Shai: I really do enjoy reviewing dramas for DramaFever. I love dramas and I love to talk about them. It's like a win-win for me.

Powerz: The process was easier the second time around. We worked through a Dramafever website upgrade, which set us back a little. Eventually, we all figured it out. Lore, Shai, and I came up with such great ideas for our collaborative posts and I had a lot of fun with it. As a second-time, Dramafever reviewer, I felt that I could have more creative liberties.

Lore: I had tons of fun reviewing with Shai and Powerz! We did have really great discussions around collaborative posts. Like Powerz mentioned, we had a website upgrade that put us back a bit, but we were able to work through it. I enjoy watching dramas and I enjoy writing about them as well, so reviewing as part of the drama club series has been an extremely enjoyable experience.

#9 What drama(s) will you watch next?

Shai: The dramas I'm watching next (or those that have just started) are The Heirs, Medical Top Team, Unemployed Romance, Answer Me 1994, and Basketball. I know there's more, I can't think of them lol

Powerz: Following Shai's list, I am watching Heirs and Unemployed Romance. I will also watch Answer Me 1994 since Shai and Lore are reviewing it next on Dramafever!

Lore: Heirs (of course, can’t miss this one!), Answer Me 1994, Mi Rae’s Choice, and maybe Basketball. I still have not made up my mind on the last one- it sounds interesting but it is about sports, which makes me all sleepy and inattentive and such.

How would you answer the questions posed above? Let us know in the comments!

And as a parting thought: Thank you for reading of our Drama Club posts! We have enjoyed and appreciated your comments and readership over the last ten weeks. Cheers!

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