I know I mentioned how much I cried last week, but episodes 3+4 made it so much worse. I said I cried a lot during Third Hospital, but this is on a whole different level. It's more of a sympathetic cry, I feel for Shi On and what he's going through. With a sister who is Autistic, I can say how heartbreaking it is to see your loved one being picked on and excluded due to their disability. Gah! I'm tearing up again! On to this review.

Powerz had mentioned in her post that she doesn't like the politics in the hospital and I have to seriously agree. It was more apparent in this week's episodes how much power some of these doctors are after, putting that before the welfare of their patients is unacceptable to me. No matter how much it may hurt your pride that another doctor will be healing your patient, be mature and accept the fact that something was discovered before it was too late.

I get emotional every time we are shown a flashback of Shi On and his late brother, Yi On. At first we were shown Yi On being hard on his little brother, but it's obvious that he really cared about him. Shi On could really rely and depend in his older brother, it changed everything when he died. It didn't cause his world to fall down, but he no longer really had anyone to lean on and to understand him.

Speaking of those to understand Shi On, I know Dr. Choi is one who has been there with him. We kept seeing the scene of the mine caving in and Dr. Choi was the one inside trying to revive Yi On. I am thinking that maybe he feels a bit guilty(not like it's his fault), but only because Yi On died leaving Shi On by himself.

We did discover something during episode 3 and the wheels in my head starting turning. Looks like my early suspicions were correct. Yoon Seo did(maybe still does?) like Do Han. My questions is, does he like her as well? I kinda got that feeling after he gave her that perfume. Maybe it's just my weird shipping mind, but you never know in a drama...

I honestly think that aside from making. Shi On the best doctor he can be, I believe he will change everyone's view on him as well. He seems like a robot, but it's very obvious he has his own mind and does care. From the drawing he gave to the baby's(now named Dong Soo) parents to helping one of the children fall asleep, I think he will show everyone that there is more to him.

Before, I go, I would like to ask you: Who do you think this guy is and what kind of deal he's got going on with Kang Hyun Tae?

Bonus question: Can you name the other drama he's currently in? Hint: He's suspcious in that one as well.

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