Welcome back to Good Doctor. I’m Powerz, here to give you this week’s latest scoop for episodes three and four. Continuing from Shai’s review, I'm going to expand more on teamwork and suspicions.

This week’s feature patient, Lee Dong Soo (動手), is a precious preemie. Aww...

In my last review, I wasn’t too sad about Park Shi On’s (Joo Won’s) tragic childhood, but I became devastated when I saw how Shi On’s colleagues (and even the band of mothers at the hospital) alienated Shi On, insulted him, and even bullied him. Does anyone ever graduate from high school? Colleagues like the two doctors in the HB (Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic) department and fellow resident doctor, Woo Il Kyu (Yoon Park), should be ashamed of themselves. Even Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won), who had fiercely protected Shi On in earlier episodes, showed signs of wavering loyalty towards Shi On.

Yoon Seo was once overly ambitious like Shi On, but realized the consequences to her actions. I think she acted tougher towards Shi On so he wouldn’t repeat her mistakes. Doctors can berate their juniors if it’s beneficial to their juniors, but hitting Shi On’s head, pushing him to the floor, or bullying him in the men’s bathroom is going too far. Is this a gangster hospital?

Misunderstandings occurred because Shi On would not apologize. Even though he had good intentions, it would benefit the pediatric department if he shows remorse in order to keep the peace. He does not understand that concept or maybe he thinks what he did was right. The music played during his basketball scene beautifully sets the tone for his lonely emotions.

I don’t want to give up on Il Kyu yet since it looks like he has a questionable past. He is forced to become a mole for Manager Go Choong Man (Jo Hee-bong).

Another lingering mystery involves Assistant Director Kang Hyun Tae (Kwak Do Won). What is he planning to do to Shi On and Director Choi Woo Seok (Chun Ho Jin)? Apparently, Assistant Director Kang’s plan, described in baseball terms, will take three months. His “boss,” revealed to be a mystery man played by Kim Chang Wan, makes an evil appearance. I have never seen Kim Chang Wan in this type of exciting role.

I was surprised at how easily Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) caved in to save the preemie baby when his pride was damaged by mere rumors. Do Han continues his attempt to destroy Shi On's will to be a doctor, but without Shi On’s knowledge, would the team be successful? My heart almost stopped when Do Han told Yoon Seo that he did not have a plan to save the preemie during the second half of the emergency surgery. Even Do Han, as perfect as he is, doesn't have all the answers.

During these episodes, Do Han also exposes his other weakness to the audience: his brother, Soo Han. He rips up their picture together, lies to his mom (whose voice does not sound motherly on the phone) about having visited his brother, and remains tight-lipped about the reason he remains in the pediatric department. I am genuinely intrigued about Do Han's past.

While Do Han is a prolific surgeon, he is a terrible lover since he is a total workaholic. Poor Do Han can't seem to relax outside the hospital. Did you see him try to watch a movie by himself at the movie theater? The only time I sympathized with Do Han's fiance, Yoo Chae Kyung (Kim Min Seo) was when she saw Do Han staring blankly at his phone, anticipating a phone call from the hospital when he should be enjoying his relaxing trip.

Moreover, Chae Kyung gets on my nerves. I can't stand the way she snaps at her stepmother, Lee Yeo Won (Na Young Hee), even in front of other people. As Do Han says, even if Chae Kyung doesn't respect Yeon Won as a mother, Chae Kyung should respect Yeon Won as an elder. I hate people who disrespect elders and they are in Korea. Furthermore, Chae Kyung clearly knows what Assistant Director Kang is up to, but keeps to herself as long as Do Han is not involved.

We have a love story line involving Doctor Han Jin Wook (Kim Young Kwang) and Na In-Young (Eom Hyeon Kyeong), who is patient Na In Hae’s (Kim Hyun Soo) older and responsible sister. Honestly, who would reject such a handsome doctor?

The cliffhanger at the end of episode four sent me in shock, but the preview seems to be positive. I can't wait for next week! In the meantime, Lore's review is coming soon and I have some urgent business to take care of.

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