Episodes three and four of Good Doctor were suspenseful, nail bitingly suspenseful. The cliffhangers that ended both episodes were intense- I would be lying if I said these scenes did not make me wish I could jump a few months in the future and marathon this show. When I was not at the edge of my seat, hoping that our patients would pull through, I was admiring the underlying themes of teamwork and communication played out in these latest entries in one of my new favorite shows.

The topic of teamwork was highlighted as a potential punishment faced the Pediatrics team (for operating on a premature baby, snatched from a different department due to that department’s incompetence). The Docs of Pediatric Surgery stuck together and rallied behind Professor Kim Do Han once he decided to do the surgery.

The Professor, in turn, proved that he looks after the pediatric department like a family- protecting Shi On from punishment while handing the future surgery reins over to Yoon Seo. Heck, this guy even has his departments framed photos in his apartment, displayed like family pictures (is it wrong that I laughed a little that he has his team pics in front of the pictures of his fiancee?!). Do Han’s love of his team is apparent, maybe not in his words, but in his actions. It is clear that he inspires his residents with his trust and loyalty, this is one team that sticks together.

I continue to root for Park Shi On's character. I had moments during these episodes when I felt bad for him. He is misunderstood at almost every turn, despite having a type of sincerity that should be endearing if only others would notice it. As Powerz mentioned, he seems like a robot however it is apparent (to viewers any way) that he truly does care and think for himself. Yoon Seo seemed to catch on with the dragonfly counting moment, I am hoping that as Good Doctor progresses more of the Doctors start to see Shi On’s motivations for what they are meant to be (and not what they seem to be). Which plays up our communication aspect- when no one can understand where you come from and you have no way to tell them effectively, how do you fit into their team?

This is a question that I suspect will drive the show forward, because as much as Shi On is misunderstood he has some qualities that I think the other Doctors can learn from. In turn (and most apparently, given Good Doctor’s premise) Shi On has a whole lot to learn from the other Doctors as well. The unknown variable is when this exchange of knowledge and logic takes place- and exactly who will learn from whom first. But I am guessing that once everyone starts to communicate on the same level, or at least understand where the other one is coming from, they will all become Good Doctors (sorry, had to. But I mean it, really). Cheers!

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