I guess you can say we've had some character growth this week or perhaps we're seeing the lines drawn out for those who we know are only out for themselves and the ones who are going to be the victims of those who are power hungry. We noticed that teamwork plays a big role in this drama and we explore whether or not we would have made the same decisions as Shi On or if we think our personalities match anyone in the hospital. Let's see what everyone had to say. Shall we?

Lore Says: Park Shi On’s decision making process, as highlighted in episodes three and four, might as well have been an alien form of logic to his fellow doctors. From giving his patient a flourless cake to attempting to transfer a sick premature baby to the pediatric surgery department, his reasoning garnered a whole lot of disbelief and angry outbursts. Park Shi On, and his reasoning, is something that goes beyond how I would approach a situation. I am not a doctor by any means, but I have a tendency to not make decisions that put me out there without a whole lot of factual or procedural backup (and by out there, I mean willy-nilly wheeling a kid into an operating room without sharing the fact with the head surgeon). But then again, I do not possess Shi On’s background or amazing medical knowledge, so I feel like I cannot compare myself with how he approaches a problem. Park Shi On aside, if I had to identify a Doctor in this show that most reminds me of how I think of a problem to be tackled, it would be Yoon Seo. I have a tendency to be loyal to my superiors (assuming they show me they are someone I should respect) and I am not afraid to be confrontational to get things done. I know when I have to step up (such as Yoon Seo taking charge of the surgery at the end of episode four) and I know when I have been bested (and respect those who are smarter than I will ever be). I love Yoon Seo’s character, not because I feel like she represents my decision making process, but because she is a strong and feisty person with a deep self-knowledge of her own faults. She questions her boss on how she should feel about Shi On’s advanced medical knowledge, because she knows he out does her in this department. She is not sure how to feel, but she understands the situation. I guess what I am trying to say is I admire her character, and if I ever had to face the life and death situations of a hospital I would hope I could be as half as competent as she is.

Powerz Says: feel almost ashamed to compare my personality with Shi On's personality. He is an overly ambitious doctor with a noble goal to save all the children. As a doctor, what would my goal be? I do want to save all the children too, but I would follow my gut when it comes to hospital rules. For example, I would not steal Dong Soo from the HB department. If a patient from another department is neglected and can be saved by my department, I would certainly discuss it with my superior first. If that does not work, I would gather more evidence to support my claim. I would not give the parents of a patient hope until I discuss it with my superior. If I knew I made a mistake, I would certainly apologize to my colleagues, but I will not let anybody bully me. Bullying is never the right thing to do. If a patient's parent complains about me, I would listen to their concerns and try to improve myself. On the other hand, when an emergency arises like when Dong Soo had to undergo surgery outside the operating room, I would disregard hospital rules and get all the tools needed to prepare for surgery. I would admit my mistakes later and take responsibility for my prior actions. Saving a human life should take priority over hospital rules. Even if the operation is unsuccessful, I would have no regrets. It is hard for me to pinpoint which doctor in the hospital is the most similar to me. Do Han is too cool and Yoon Seo is too strong. After much thought, I think I am the most similar to Dr. Han Jin Wook (Kim Young Kwang). Jin Wook is kind, caring, friendly, and does not judge other people openly. He does not necessarily have leadership qualities, but he seems satisfied with his job. When the other doctors were shunning Shi On, Shin Wook was unafraid to approach Shi On and cheer him up while gently giving him advice. When Dr. Woo Il Kyu (Yoon Park) pushed Shi On down to the ground, Jin Wook was shocked and asks Il Kyu why Il Kyu did that, but Jin Wook was not strong enough to command the situation. Yoon Seo fit that role perfectly since she was the most senior doctor present. Jin Wook takes a kind and supporting role and I imagine myself doing the same thing without being too extreme with other people.

Shai Says: Part of the reason why I can't see myself making the same decisions is because I am not in that mindset. He has shown us that he's not just a robot that many think he is, he's trying to connect with his patients. I do acknowledge his drive and ability to save patients, but he's unable to comprehend the consequences like his colleagues. Where he is able to stand up and say what's going on without regard to who's in charge, I couldn't see myself doing that. I am unable to truly compare myself to the him because I cannot fathom what it would really feel like to be very misunderstood by the people around me. As Lore mentioned, he took a flour-less cake to one of his patients because of his diet plus he knows the kids continue to sneak in snacks. Due to his mind being so young he can relate to these kids on a more personal level. I'm good with kids, but even I can't relate to them like that.

As far as who I am most like in the hospital, I have to agree with Powerz. I am more like Dr. Han Jin Wook. He's not in charge and I am not a person who can easily take charge of a situation. He also doesn't judge too quickly, which I am in no position to judge anyone based on my own experiences.He's very easy going and that's how I am, but also knows when to be serious and get work done.

What do you guys think? Who are you most like in the hospital?

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