Welcome back to the “Good Doctor” DramaFever Drama Club. I’m Powerz and I’m excited to start off this week’s reviews. The doctors on “Good Doctor” went through a lot of difficult situations from dealing with death to controlling an animalistic patient. To counteract the sadness we all may feel from watching the drama, I will talk about this week’s top odd or funny moments. I’m sure my partners, Lore and Shai, will fill you in on the main story line so be sure to check out their reviews as well later this week. Meanwhile, if you want to lift your mood, keep reading.

After Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won) fails her first surgery resulting in her patient’s death, Han Jin Wook (Kim Young Kwang) tries to protect Yoon Seo and lessen her worries. His smile would brighten anyone’s day. No wonder why people call him Lee Seung Gi, who is known for his awesome smile as well.

I understand that it’s difficult for parents to accept the death of their child, but I think it’s far-fetched for Min Hee’s parents to blame Yoon Seo, who tried to save Min Hee after Min Hee was rejected from five hopistals prior to the surgery. Unless I see foul-play going on, I would not assume that the surgical team let a patient die on purpose. Doctors are humans too and Yoon Seo almost developed an emotional scar. Luckily, the parents came to their senses during the funeral.

I think Park Shi On (Joo Won) is not just an autistic savant doctor. He’s super human: pediatric surgeon-in-training, artist, and vetenarian. How likely is that?

Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) and Shi On finally have something in common, though too much in common for my liking. They both have bigger resolves to become a doctor because of their brothers and somehow both doctors think it’s their fault that their brothers died for them.

Do Han says that fiancé Yoo Chae Kyung (Kim Min Seo) didn’t do anything to make him mad. What? I watched enough Asian dramas to know that bickering is a part of true love and I doubt Do Han’s love for Chae Kyung. Who can blame him?

Not only that, but I can name hundreds of ways Chae Kyung makes me mad.

I think it’s funny that while Do Han can be uptight at work, he always seems to be funny in a drunken stuper.

The doctor’s expressions toward patient Eun Ok are priceless. The story of Eun Ok sort of reminds me of the Werewolf Boy movie starring Song Joong Ki, who is about to enter the army.

Sad, but funny: I could not contain my laughter after Eun Ok knocks over a disabled patient.

When Ko Choong Man (Jo Hee Bong) suggested eliminating unnecessary employees, I ironically thought the hospital should eliminate him first.

Unfounded is the word of the week for me, thanks to Do Han. Every time somebody said something unjustifiable to me, I just shouted back that that was statement was unfounded.

These moments made me scratch my head. Why is the hospital mismanagement information public knowledge? I have no idea what’s going on and that statement goes against the meaning of a "top" hospital (Oh, I forgot. This is gangster hospital.) Stumbling blocks? What does that mean?

Thanks, Do Han, for making everything clearer.

I encountered more funny moments, but I have to stop here. What was your funny moments? If you want to read about meatier aspects of the this week’s drama, please check Lore’s review, part two, coming up next. If anyone wants a copy of my awesome post, I have it on CD as well.

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