Thank you Powerz for highlighting the odd and funny moments of episodes 5 and 6! As the second part of this week's posts I am going to take a look at the good and the bad of the last two episodes of Good Doctor and serve up a big ole heaping dose of analysis regarding how Do Han and Shi On's past experiences are oddly alike. To start things off, I have to say: Good Doctor turns me into a madwoman. I cry, laugh, fist pump and repeat during any given episode; cycling through emotions faster than Assistant Chief Kang throws out baseball terms to mask his evil doings. This show’s ability to switch effortlessly between heartbreaking scenes and lighthearted moments is something that continues to delight and surprise me.

Episode five was a perfect example of how powerful and fun one episode of Good Doctor can be. During the episode Park Shi On seemed to teach an endless amount of life lessons to Dr. Cha. There were plenty of sad scenes about heaven and death (and that bunny and hyung- I cry every time!). The final scene of the episode gave us a wild girl tearing up the E.R. with some lighthearted banter. In other words, if you need me, I will be on cloud nine floating high above drama land. Thank you show.

Back down to earth, my love for the tone of Good Doctor does not mask the things that bother me about this show- like the politics. The political maneuverings of the hospital administration is thrown in our faces in a way that says “Look! Here is the tension and suspense! Look. Riiiiiggghhttt here!” I get what the show is trying to do, yet all of the scheming is really not doing it for me. Maybe that is because it consists of a repetitive set of plans to get rid of the director and Park Shi On (it seems like a new evil plan every episode) or maybe it is because I simply do not care about this plot point.

It is hard to pay attention when I know that just around the bend there are way more endearing and interesting scenes featuring the Pediatrics Department. I think they could take out all of the political fodder and I would still be interested in this show, maybe find it even more enjoyable. There is enough drama and conflict just watching the staff go about their daily lives as doctors and nurses to keep me interested and happy- there is a reason they do not make medical dramas that focus solely on hospital administration.

Episode six, while not highlighting the political tug of war, had some great moments featuring Do Han. It was interesting to finally find out what happened with his little brother. With Do Han’s revelation it struck me how much he has in common with Park Shi On. They both became doctors because of their brothers, they both feel guilt at their brothers’ deaths. The similarities disappear when it comes to how both men have dealt with similar pasts. While Do Han became cold and strict, Shi On became a caring and kind man.

It is not that I think Do Han is a bad person. I don’t. But I do think he is very conflicted, considering emotion an unnecessary part of his profession. I suspect that may have to do with his emotional wound over his brother’s death- being too attached and too caring has dire consequences. I can see his point of view, and I can only imagine that as a doctor one has to be slightly distant. Yet I cannot help but love Dr. Cha finally declaring she was no longer a technician, that sometimes caring is good. Both of these points of view have merit, and I am hoping they can reconcile both trains of thought into the best Pediatrics Department ever.

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