If Powerz found some very funny scenes and Lore found the heartwarming ones, I think I found some understanding this week. By understanding, I mean we see some characters who started to truly understand themselves, each other, and as viewers we came to understand a few individuals whom we were questioning.

I think we have honestly seen why Do Han is the way he is. He wanted his brother, who we learned was mentally disabled, to be more independent and as a result, an accident happened. I don't condone his treatment of Shi On, I can see why he thinks this is the best way. He doesn't want another accident to occur and probably feels that Shi On not trying to interact too much with the world is what's best. Do Han has never healed from his brother's death and as a result, he is a cold person. I do appreciate how Yoon Seo tried to make him feel better, she is a very warmhearted person and it shows with her interactions with people. I just want to hug Do Han and tell him that it's not his fault his brother died, he just was trying to help and couldn't predict what would happen.

Even though I wasn't trying to, I can see why Chae Kyung is so cold and calculating. We know that the president isn't her real mother and we can see that she was against her father's remarriage. She had counted on Woo Seok to be there for her, but she was hurt when he supported their marriage. I was shocked to see that President Lee was like an aunt to her, but her marrying the former president changed all of that. She probably felt betrayed by everyone knowing no one heard her concerns. Now this may just be some of the truth, but when she spoke to Woo Seok, she looked hurt. This is probably why she wants Do Han out of the pediatric surgery department, not that she can't handle him being busy all the time because she's used to it. She's angry with Woo Seok and she wants him out of the way when that area of the hospital is gone, she just uses him making more money as an excuse.

My other 'understanding' scene comes from Min Hee's parents. Their child died and they placed blame on everyone in the hospital, I can see why they were so upset, but they also noticed how Yoon Seo was the only one who tried to save their daughter. I love how she overheard their confession to Do Han and then she hears how they also noticed that Shi On stayed with their daughter's body until they came to get her. I loved that he didn't want her to be lonely before going to heaven and her parents truly noticed that even though he never told them his reasons for sitting there.

What character(s) did you come to understand more?

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