Episodes 7 and 8 of Good Doctor make me want to ramble a plenty, so I forewarn you, the following will probably be disjointed- but hopefully at least a tenth as entertaining as In Hye explaining to Shi On the reason for his hiccups. Cheers!

Ramble number one: I am not sure how I feel about the reason given for Park Shi On’s childlike interests. The answer- that it stems from blocking out his childhood memories sans his hyung- seems too convenient for a mega dose of plot movement towards the end of the series (because in drama land the “cure” to a bout of memory suppression usually happen during one instantaneous headache). An instantaneous adult Park Shi On would be too fast of a change in my opinion, which makes me all drama nervous and such. Of course I am just speculating; it is entirely possible that Good Doctor will show Shi On’s memories coming back to him slowly and the entire thing will make sense thematically. But still.

Ramble number two: was it just me, or was it in episode 6 that Do Han was drunkenly regretting how he treated Shi On (based on his guilt over his little brother’s death)? In episode seven Do Han’s “just leave society already” speech was a complete 360 from his previous statements, causing confused head scratching on my part. I am not sure if the Director’s resignation was the root cause or if his past reflection was not a call to change but a matter of fact statement, however I still found this seemingly backwards character growth disappointing.

Episode eight (thankfully) featured Shi On’s return to employment at the hospital. During the episode Shi On’s reinstatement was overshadowed by the dark dealings of the hospital Vice President. Apparently Mr. Baseball references is tempting everyone and their brother with the deal of a lifetime. Every doctor, director, and chief seems to be contemplating an alliance with this creepy hospital administrator.

Yet, even with the progress in the who is plotting against who world, the politics of this story are still not grabbing my attention. In my opinion they remain as a filler between scenes. Yet, boring or not, I have to admit when the director called Vice President-annoying-baseball-references-villain out on his dirty deeds during their one on one I did a little dance inside (but then went back to hoping the next scene featured one of our daebak doctors).

The ending scene of episode 8 revealed the retribution against the Director’s ethical stance: a full scale investigation into the use of an illegal drug, I am anticipating a full out smack down in the hospital. After all it was only a few episodes ago that the use of this drug came to light, and then was covered up. My hope is that the incompetent chief of pediatric surgery will end up with the bad wrap here, without a huge blowout that once again sees Sh On and the director fired. But time, and the writer, will tell. On to the next!

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