Good Doctor drama club fans, I’m back to offer you my heartfelt thoughts on episodes seven and eight. Following Lore’s rambles (Shai is off this week), my focus will be on our main character, Dr. Park Shi On (Joo Won).

This week, I am smitten with Shi On. He had cute and attractive expressions starting with how he comforted patient Eun Ok. I don’t know how Dr. Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won) can resist his charms.

I had one major gripe about this week’s episode. How could Shi On be fired from the hospital in less than a day without a proper investigation from the hospital administration, especially since Shi On adamantly denies leaving the door open for Eun Ok to escape? Even though Shi On hit the security guard by accident, he only did it to protect his patient and it was purely unintentional. The punishment for that offense is not enough to justify his termination. If that was the case, Dr. Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) should be fired for intentionally punching Shi On in the face.

Director Choi Woo Seok (Chun Ho Jin) dismissed Shi On based on what everybody thought was the truth and not whether Shi On committed the offense. As mentioned in my previous reviews, I have a hard time believing this is a top hospital.

Director Choi tries to explain to Yoon Seo about how Shi On cannot understand unjustness, but even I cannot understand unjustness and I am not autistic like Shi On. If I were Shi On’s friend, I would tell Shi On to sue the hospital for wrongful termination.

We are still in the early episodes of the series and I wondered about how Shi On can come back to the hospital after he was fired. Shi On's saviors turn out to be Director Choi and an unlikely partner, Assistant Director Kang Hyun Tae (Kwak Do Won). Surprisingly, Assistant Director Kang is the only person who cared enough to investigate Shi On's innocence.

Assistant Director Kang’s plan is to make pediatrics the central division of the hospital. Is that why he wanted to save Shi On and recruit Do Han? Director Choi, upset by Assistant Director Kang’s plan, tells Director Kang to resign.

Do Han, on the other hand, is intrigued by Assistant Director Kang’s plan. When Do Han’s fiancé, Yoo Chae Kyung (Kim Min Seo), starts talking about her evil plans to uproot her stepmother, the chair, Lee Yeo Won (Na Young Hee), from her position, Do Han contemplates Chae Kyung’s words. He was also strangely silent when Chae Kyung advised Do Han to gather more influential power in the hospital.

Do Han urges Yoon Seo to convince Shi On to transfer to the diagnostics division. Shi On would excel there, but I loved Shi On’s wise response to Yoon Seo’s suggestion. He is really good at drawing and diagnostics, but the pediatrics surgery division is what gives him a challenge. Isn’t that what we all should live for? People around us may comment about how well we do something, but just because we do something well does not mean we necessarily want to pursue it as a career.

Shi On and Yoon Seo bond more over Shi On’s troubles and Shi On unknowingly falls in love with Yoon Seo. I love how he starts doing things that he normally doesn’t do just for Yoon Seo like drinking. Yoon Seo can be a bad influence on Shi On because Shi On enjoys drinking and hilariously cannot get drunk. For his welcoming party, Shi On suggests drinking some more.

I feel sad, yet happy for Shi On’s welcoming party. Those who attended were the colleagues who truly cared for Shi On. The other doctors had to work, but I have the feeling that they didn’t want to join the party anyway.

Do Han shows up for the second round of the party, but I believe he did not show up for Shi On. Do Han never walked into the karaoke room and tries to walk away, but he was caught by Yoon Seo’s drunk, but sharp eyes. Yoon Seo happily tells Do Han that she maxed out his credit card for the party.

After patient Na In Hae (Kim Hyun Soo) tells Shi On that his hiccups are due to falling in love, Shi On is intrigued. I thought Shi On would go through every medical book to search for the answer, though he did once say that matters of the (emotional) heart are not found in books. I am interested to see how Shi On will deal with his feelings.

As a side note, our newest opera singer patient is admitted into the hospital with throat problems, but his surgery would cost him his beautiful and valuable high-pitched voice. I am reminded of British singer and actor, Julie Andrews, who was tragically unable to sing after undergoing surgery to remove nodules in her vocal cords.

I had a fun time sharing my thoughts with you all. Please check back soon for our next collaborative post where we talk about our top heartfelt Good Doctor moments. In the meantime, besides being a Dramafever writer, I have plenty of "other" things to do.

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