Lore, Shai, and I are back to discuss more about the Korean drama, Good Doctor. Since we talked about our funniest moments in the drama last week, we thought that we would also talk about our favorite heartfelt moment or moments in the drama so far for this week's discussion.

We will start with Lore's thoughts:

Good Doctor has plenty of heartfelt moments (most of which I end up crying at) so picking my favorite has been a very difficult exercise. However, the one moment that stuck out to me above all others was when Shi On was comforted by his brother. Well, not his flesh and blood breathing and alive brother (because as the story tells us he is clearly deceased). Back in episode two, after having kicked Yoon Seo out for accidentally throwing out the green scalpel, Shi On goes to bed. While lying in bed we see his hyung appear and stroke Shi On’s shoulder in a comforting fashion. Shi On recounts his day to his hyung-and I did not stop crying for at least ten minutes.

Shi On’s motivation to become a doctor, a motivation that originated with his hyung, is the basis of this show. That motivation is made clearer with every flashback that Shi On has and every flashback seems to move a notch up in the endearing and heartfelt scale. Yet this simple moment, of Shi On imagining his hyung is there, is more powerful to me than any of the flashbacks so far. While maybe not the most insightful scene, it just makes my heart go all twisty inside which is why I chose this moment as my favorite heartfelt moment so far.

Shai and I share a few heartfelt moments such as when the preemie baby held Dr. Cha Yoon Seo's (Moon Chae Won's) thumb for the very first time during episode four. I'll put in my thoughts first to say that I felt the miracle of life when I see the preemie react to Cha Yoon Seo's thumb. This scene reminds me that life is miraculous. Now, here are Shai's thoughts:

You [Powerz] chose a few of my moments. LOL. I liked when Yoon Seo realized what Shi On meant when the baby gripped her finger and she cried.

I also liked when the kids were playing with Eun Ok in her room. She actually looked like an average child. It was very heartwarming to see Shi On observing that.

Now, I, Powerz, will continue with my favorite heartfelt scenes. When little Park Shi On (Joo Won) found out that his rabbit died in episode one, I felt his pain. Shi On genuinely had a strong desire to save his rabbit from dying and I felt his passion for becoming a doctor in this scene.

During Shi On's welcoming party, the colleagues who came were the ones who truly supported Shi On. I felt their sincerity during these scenes. I did not see any scenes where the colleagues who didn't come express their apologies for not attending Shi On's welcoming party. The support lines were clearly drawn for Shi On, but I don't think Shi On minded either way, which is what makes him so awesome. Hopefully, Shi On will be able to gain more respect and admiration from the rest of his colleagues.

Credit: Youtube, channel YozohhhCH1

Lastly, what always gives me a heartfelt feeling is when I listen to 2BiC's Good Doctor soundtrack song, "I Am In Love."

The soundtrack music makes me feel emotional, especially when the "I Am In Love" song is played at the end of an episode. Scenes of doctors saving patients comes to my mind and the music gives me a heartfelt feeling.

What were your favorite heartfelt moments while watching the Good Doctor drama? Let us know in the comments below.

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