Shai here.

I. Am. Back! Ahaha I needed an intro. A very huge thanks to Powerz for taking over for me while I was away. No more vacations without internet, it feels like I'm abandoning work or something. This week had me crying fountains, but none of it was sad. So this week, I will talk about my top 3 tearjerker moments in episodes 9 and 10. Get those tissues ready.

#1 - When Kyu Hyun first met Eun Ok, since she'd been listening to his music she really liked him.We saw Kyu Hyun truly smile and he looked like a kid, it also helps that we see Eun Ok progressing every time she's shown. I thought this was such a heartwarming scene and I loved how he willingly went to see her. I also loved how Shi On taught her how to say 'Oppa'. Gotta love these moments *wipes away tear*

#2 - A truly sad moment was when Woo Seok was talking to Shi On in episode 9 about his possible departure. He didn't flat out say he was leaving, but he looked like he practiced what he'd say and how he should say it. Shi On said that he'd be sad if he left him and I can see why. His dad didn't care, his bunny and older brother died, and his mother gave him to an orphanage shortly afterwards.Everyone he has loved has 'abandoned' him and Woo Seok is like a father to him, he's one of the last people he has left. If he left then Shi On would probably regress.

#3 - End of episode 10 when Yoon Seo and Do Han stood up to Lee Soo Jin's mother-in-law regarding her and the baby. I really dislike this woman and to just get rid of the baby because he may has a disability, they've already said it wasn't that big of a deal, but she can't handle there potentially being something wrong with the child. That just shows her image means more to her than her own grandchild. I have a feeling we'll meet her man-child of a husband next week. Anyone reminded of A Hundred Years' Inheritance by this story line?

Did any of you cry thinking about these scenes again? No one? Just me? figures, I'm so emotional sometimes.

There was one scene that just left me so confuzzled. We had a special cameo by Ryu Deok Hwan as..I have no idea. I know this was a dream sequence, but we're never shown Shi On waking up or coming back from his daydream. Who do you think this guy is and does it have any significance to this story? Let me know in the comments!

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