It’s the return of the Dynamic Three and I don’t mean Lore, Shai, and I from the drama club. Alternatively, I am referring to the Dynamic Three, the thunderstorm team in the Good Doctor drama: Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook), Park Shi On (Joo Won), and Cha Yoon Seo (Moon Chae Won). During my first review of Good Doctor, I mentioned that Do Han and Shi On make a great thunder and lightning duo. Now, I want to add one more person to this dynamic: Cha Yoon Seo, who has the rain quality to create the perfect thunderstorm team.

Where there is lightning, there is thunder. Whenever Shi On or Yoon Seo messes up, there is the superior Do Han powering through the problem and firmly directing the team on how to proceed. He is the respectable anchor of the team. As a surgeon, he exaggeratedly says that he has to make tens of thousands of decisions on a moment’s notice. He rigidly detests mistakes, excuses, and lies, only because tough love is his way of caring for his team. Sometimes, Do Han is scary whether he is scolding others or when he is quiet.

Do Han acts as a tough mentor and protector to Yoon Seo. He notices Yoon Seo struggle through the aftereffects of a failed surgery. At first, Do Han tries to toughen Yoon Seo up by pointing out her petty flaws, but Yoon Seo asks him to give her a break. Changing tactics, Do Han shares his water-drinking story with Yoon Seo about how he dealt with his first patient loss, but his joke at the end comes with a serious undertone. When Yoon Seo requests permission from Do Han to perform her first surgery on Kyu Wan, Do Han asks Yoon Seo if she is confident enough before letting her perform the surgery.

Do Han has a one-track mind and pushes Shi On towards becoming a pathologist. He does not acknowledge Shi On over one success. Unlike Shi On, who talks about saving patient Kyu Wan’s dream, Do Han tells his staff that he wants to preserve Kyu Wan’s vocal abilities because Kyu Wan would appreciate it his whole life. Shi On, unlike Yoon Seo, is especially not allowed to make a mistake since many people want to use that excuse to fire him. After Kyu Wan's surgery, Do Han trains Shi On in basketball so that Shi On does not shame the pediatric department.

Shi On is usually a wise and happy-go-lucky guy who thinks he is still young and triangular rolls are fun to eat. Shi On is unpredictable and needs guidance and concentration in order to use his extraordinary skills. With Do Han and Yoon Seo’s help, Shi On is improving his skills by leaps and bounds.

Yoon Seo builds Shi On’s confidence. She tells Shi On that he was foolish for thinking that everyone hates him and that she will do her best to stop Shi On from transferring to another department. Besides changing careers, Shi On obediently listens to Yoon’s Seo’s words.

Yoon Seo tests Shi On on the meaning of a doctor and patient. Unlike his first robotic response, Shi On responds that to him, a doctor is the last hope while a patient is a friend that Shi On needs to part with. Eventually, Shi On gains enough confidence to do his job well and even explains medical terms to intern, Kim Sun Joo (Wang Ji Won).

Shi On learns to not give unfounded hope to patients from Do Han. Since Shi On is steadily improving, Do Han firmly advises Shi On to surpass Do Han’s skills in every way if Shi On wants to remain in the hospital.

Yoon Seo acts as the inspiration, and follower of the team. Shi On describes her heart as pollen that will travel to another faraway place to start a new flower. Yoon Seo is highly impressionable by Do Han and Shi On and will switch viewpoints accordingly. At the same time, she knows how to ease the emotional troubles of both men.

Yoon Seo is highly perceptive in that she even knows when Shi On is silently motivating her. Shi On urges Yoon Seo to perform surgery on Kyu Wan and Yoon Seo confidently agrees to pursue it as her first surgery. Yoon Seo motivates Shi On back by picking him as her first assistant in her first surgery.

When Do Han is going through tough times and even love troubles, Yoon Seo acts as his stress reliever such as when she defines what “for the sake” of someone means to her. Yoon Seo believes Do Han helps improve her mental health and she would gladly lose to Do Han in an argument.

When the Dynamic Three teams up for Kyu Wan’s surgery, they work amazingly well together. Fueled by Yoon Seo and Shi On’s desire to save Kyu Wan, Do Han researches surgical possibilities in advance and decides to oversee the surgery. Yoon Seo calms Shi On down from his spasms by placing her hand over Shi On’s hand. Shi on uses his 3-D concentration powers to locate a way to save Kyu Wan’s voice. Yoon Seo follows up and performs the surgery according to Do Han and Shi On’s input. That scene, to me, is a thunderstorm in action.

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