Thank you Park Shi On for getting our choir boy off from the ledge! I admit that I held my breath at the end of the last episode and hoped that there was a snowballs chance that this kid would not actually fall. So happy to have this not be a horrible tragedy.

In episodes nine and ten, Shi On continued to bring the important life lessons to patients and hospital staff alike, so much so that I really think this guy needs to write a book. I would buy it, and give it to my friends. Half of the stories revolve around Hyung and the bunny, but I have never cried about a bunny so much in my life! Even when I found out the Easter bunny was fake.

Speaking of hyung, there is a huge question mark around what happened to him. The ending of episode ten did little to bring answers to the reality of the accident in the mine so long ago. I have more questions than ever before, especially with Shi On’s dream of seeing Dr. Choi attempt to resuscitate the boy while repeating that he was sorry. Dr. Choi knows Shi On’s Mom, and their meeting (yet to be shown) made me ever more confused. Is Dr. Choi perhaps Shi On’s father (and not the abusive guy we saw in earlier flashbacks)? Or does Dr. Choi have something to do with Shi On’s family situation? Come on next episode, I am biting my nails in anticipation of the answer.

My viewing anxiety aside, I am loving the friendship between Shi On and In Hae. This girl is one cool teenager who, in my humble opinion, should get well soon and go work for Cyrano Dating Agency once she graduates school (she seems to be a pro at hooking, or at least trying, to hook people up). It is beyond cute when In Hae gives Shi On advice on his first crush, partially confusing him and making him realize that he knows more about liking someone than he ever thought possible.

Dr. Cha and Shi On are as cute and sweet as a bundle of pixie sticks as they gain courage and confidence from each other. Their budding romance, still in its extreme infancy, is something I feel much more comfortable with given how both characters have grown and learned from each other. As this drama started I had a hard time picturing these two together but now I cannot wait until Shi On, hiccup-less and heart racing, lets Yoon Seo know how he feels.

I was also a fan of Kim Do Han sticking by his department and seemingly rejecting the Assistant Director’s loaded offer. Allowing Shi On to assist in surgery was a huge boost to Shi On’s self-esteem and a huge karma point for Do Han. To think, only a couple of episodes ago I was convinced Dr. Kim had joined the dark side, I am so happy to have been proven wrong. Hopefully the coming episodes will only booster Do Han’s protector-ship of the pediatric surgery department, with a happy ending of course. On that note, on to the next review!

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