For this week's collab post, we have each picked a question that's related to this week's episodes. Let's see what questions everyone chose to answer.

Powerz's question was: If somebody you love is plotting to take over a high position at work and he said he was doing it for the sake of you, how would you deal with it?

This question is difficult to answer and that is why I choose to answer it. I have always wondered about this question in dramas. If somebody I love is plotting something evil to get ahead at work, shouldn't I or anyone in that position try to stop it?

I admire Kim Do Han (Joo Sang Wook) for taking a firm stance on his thoughts about Yoo Chae Kyung's (Kim Min Seo's) plans to overthrow her stepmother and assume her stepmother's position as the chair. Kim Do Han made it clear that he doesn't want to see Chae Kyung again if she continued with her plans.

I would love to do what Kim Do Han did, but at the same time, as a woman, I don't think I have that much influence over my significant other. If that happened to me, I think I would have made my thoughts clear as well, except I would probably force myself to leave the person I love because that person would continue with his plans any way. I don't think I can bear to watch his evil ways and I don't think I can live with that kind of conscience, knowing that he is hurting others just to get ahead in life.

If the person I love said he is scheming for a higher position at work for my sake, I would not believe him because he is probably doing it more for himself and he is using me as an excuse for greed. If he really knew me, he would know how much I disapprove of his methods. I would tell him to earn that higher position instead. If he wants my respect, he needs to earn it. Even if times were tough, I rather be poor with dignity, than rich and evil. It would be hard to do, but ultimately, I don't think I can look this person in the face if he insists on continuing his plans and I would part ways with him.

Lore's question was: Would you give up your dream if your superiors think you excel in another area?

There are a multitude of situations, nuanced by facts and time, which could drive me one way or another regarding this question. In Good Doctor Shi On faced a major push towards a research job-because that is what his superiors thought suited him. When I think of this situation I consider what made Professor push Shi On towards this role, and find that his motivation was not necessarily based on supporting Shi On’s drive to fulfill his personal ambitions but instead acted as a way for Professor to meet his own expectations.

If I was faced with the same circumstance- my boss suggesting a role because they did not think I was suited for my currently set trajectory, I would most likely be offended. Because, even though a medical research job is nothing to laugh at, it is still essentially a demotion for Shi On. So no, I would not take a suggested demotion lightly, especially if my motivation was a dream born from my childhood and family.

It is hard to put myself in the shoes of someone with this type of dream- but easy to relate to another human being trying to get somewhere they want to go. So if I knew where I wanted to go, and felt it deep in my soul, I would stick with my dream and politely refuse a reassignment. Because I think we all owe ourselves a chance at achieving what we truly want in life

On to my question: How would you handle the situation when you are pregnant, your family is against keeping the baby, and you risk being cut off from the family if you defy your family?

This is a one-size does not fit all type of question, but it would cause some debate. I think it would depend on the situation at hand. If my situation was like Lee Soo Jin's and I just had a very controlling family who didn't want a child that could possibly have a deformity or disorder then I would make the decision to keep my child. I can't just let my own child go because something may be wrong or they could be different from other kids. This child didn't ask to be born and is relying on me for love and to take care of it so I can't see myself getting rid of my child because of something others deem as bad. When put in a situation like that, I'd know that my "family" isn't looking out for me but only for themselves. That's not the type of family situation and atmosphere I would want for my child. Now the situation would be flipped if I was incapable of taking care of my child then I'd do the selfless thing and give them a chance at a good life. I wouldn't be against giving them to someone who was able to give them things I couldn't. That would be my greatest act as a mother IF I were put in that situation.

I think Soo Jin was very brave to seek out help for her baby because she didn't want to put her baby up for adoption because of its medical condition, she wants to be able to raise her child. I could feel her love for her unborn child throughout the episode and I love how she found the strength to stand up to her mother-in-law with her doctors there to back her up. Her thoughts were focused on her child and their safety.

What about you? What do you think you would have done in any of these situations?