We get a time jump of three years in episode 11! Come discuss what everyone is up to and where you think Greatest Marriage is heading. 


Amy: I was really hoping that Ki Young wouldn’t lose everything because of her kid. I was expecting her to be knocked down a couple of pegs but I didn’t think she would be this bad. She is the worst employee in evaluations and nobody wants to work with her; she is also about to lose her job. I get that she needs to be there for her kid when he needs her but I thought she would have things figured out after three years.

Jazmine: I thought she would have gotten it together too. I feel like she’s become weaker in a way. Not that motherhood makes you weaker! I just imagined that our Ki Young would have it all handled. Seeing who she was at the beginning on the drama and who she is now...her character has changed so much. Some good, some bad. I just thought she would be able to balance everything out with Dan. I like her as a strong (kinda rude) female lead. I don’t like seeing her get walked over.

Taleena: I wish, wish wish, she had stayed with the research/approval area that had regular hours and was office work. Was it glamorous? No, but I bet she wouldn’t be on the chopping block for poor performance and the station on the hook because the advertising was pulled. Plus, wasn’t she selling that place 3 years ago? Why isn’t she in something that is more economical?


Amy: Here we have Myung Yi acting the part of the perfect daughter in law while Tae Yeon is away learning all of the different cuisines of the world. Her in laws are pressuring her to have a son and her father in law even named her future son. She’s even having Ki Young followed and is plotting how to take care of her and Dan. Yep. This girl is still crazy. I expected no less.

Jazmine: Myung Yi is in heaven. She’s almost completely gotten the approval of Tae Yeon’s parents. She’s completely immersed in her role and is loving her daily life...and all for what? For money? And I thought I wouldn’t be surprised by her actions but when she actually contemplated hurting Dan and Ki Young, I was shocked. I thought she might try and kidnap Dan or something but she wants to erase him completely so that Tae Yeon’s parents don’t see him. Little does she know that Ki Young also doesn’t want Tae Yeon’s parents to see him. This is kinda a time where the enemy of my enemy is my friend could come into play, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Taleena: She isn’t just plotting to kidnap Dan (a given since his birth), but kill Ki Young! I think that Myung Yi his Papa Park fooled but Dame Park. She keeps giving Myung Yi the stink eye, and while that could be her natural expression, I tend to think that until Myung Yi cements her position with grandbabies, there will be no true acceptance.


Jazmine: Eun Cha is one of the craziest characters I’ve ever watched, and I’ve seen some crazy! I think it’s because of his sudden personality changes. I don’t know what he’s going to do next, and that keeps things interesting! I’m not surprised he’s running for political office again. I mean doesn’t he fit the bill of a perfect candidate? Dirty, lying, manipulative. Yeah, he fits the bill.

Taleena: Eun Cha. As the quote goes, “I’m a politician. When I am not kissing babies, I’m stealing their lollypops, but it mean I keep my options open.” You can always count on Eun Cha to look out for Eun Cha. He’s about a deep as puddle but I doubt he’d countenance murder unlike Tae Yeon’s cray-cray sister.

Amy: Yep. Eun Cha is still a crazy bastard but now he is running for a political position again! I mean, he has something going for him. He knows that he is two faced. That’s good? I actually like Eun Cha. I see glimmers of a good person inside of him. I think that he is stuck between how he thinks a male should behave and his changing ideals but he doesn’t want to give in to the new ideals. It’s okay, Eun Cha! A change like that is a good thing!


Amy: I just love the faces that Eun Cha makes. At least I get a giggle here and there during this mess of a show! Ki Young needs to save her job and Eun Cha is willing to help her if she helps him during his campaign. If he doesn’t get elected they’ll get married. Yep. No idea why Eun Cha would write a contract like that but there you have it. So many crazies in this show!

Jazmine: This is what I was just talking about! I wouldn’t have guessed that Eun Cha would write such a crazy contract (or look so cute in those glasses!). I think it’s endearing that he cares for Dan and Ki Young (in some weird way, I guess). I knew Ki Young wouldn’t follow through with that contract, but nice try Eun Cha,

Taleena: Ki Young started in with the contract stuff (blackmail video anyone?), so, from Eun Cha’s point of view, that is how he most successfully operates with Ki Young. That she has enduring popularity is something that he wants to draft off of, and I can see how he respects how gutsy she is even if he opposes her half the time.


Taleena: Not content to leave one nice guy unscathed in this show, they are turning Restuarant Dude into a skeevy guy.

Amy: Well, it is a good thing these two are taking things slowly in my opinion. I mean, Yun Hee decided to get in a relationship with restaurant guy while she was getting a divorce. I wouldn’t want to move quickly if I were them. Apparently, though, Yun Hee wants to get married because she wasn’t happy with this proposal. I’m still trying to figure restaurant guy out. I’m not sure what kind of person he is.

Jazmine: Eh, after this scene I’m kinda on the fence with the restaurant guy. I thought he was sweet, but he definitely has a different side to him that I’m not liking so far. Was he trying to make her jealous by saying he had “girlfriends” coming over? That’s childish. And he knows that Yun Hee’s ex-husband cheated on her, so it might not be the smartest thing to brag about how many female friends you have. I don’t know, this guy has some red flags popping up.


Jazmine: The storm is brewing. I definitely see tons of turmoil in the future when it comes to Dan and Tae Yeon’s parents. They’re going to find out that Dan is their biological grandchild and all hell is going to break loose. I’m anticipating what’s going to happen next, but I’m not happy about it.

Taleena: Since we have already shown Ki Young’s mom having a complete meltdown it is time to set up Tae Yeon’s parents for an even larger whack-a-doo meltdown. Attempted kidnapping, blackmail and murder coming right up with a side order of straight jackets!

Amy: Well, the idea is in their heads now. I wonder if anything will come from this or if they’ll just keep questioning. I’m just glad Tae Yeon’s dad didn’t throw a big fit when he saw Ki Young like he did at the wedding. Dude needed some chill.


Amy: This is Eun Cha’s solution to help Ki Young save her career. He got her one more chance by hosting a fashion show but having Dan as her co-MC was a surprise. Actually, Eun Cha really pulled through. Initially he was going to be selfish and have his co-anchor MC the fashion show but when he got to know Dan a little more and saw the position Ki Young was in he put her back in as the fashion show MC. I know his motives are still selfish but he didn’t have to do that. I really think he is getting better slowly.

Jazmine: Hmm...I wanna see this as a kind and enduring act, but as always with Eun Cha I can’t help but see this as a manipulative move to move forward his own agenda. Sure a part of him was looking out for Ki young and Dan, but an even bigger part was thinking about winning over feminists and thus boosting his political standings. Eun Cha just can’t do anything unless it helps him.

Taleena: This is definitely self serving, but it is a calculated risk on Eun Cha’s part. I like that this happened actually, because I think that it means Eun Cha is now totally in Ki Young’s corner. By putting all his hopes (and the station’s continued survival) in Ki Young’s enduring popularity, every bit of his scheme-ing will be on Ki Young’s behalf. Eun Cha is a pig, but he is a pig with survival skills.


Taleena: Tae Yeon looks rough. I think it is because Europe doesn’t have any salons or fashionable places to shop. OR it could be those giant chef toques are hard on the hair. OR it could be because he experienced personal growth. I bet it is some stupid option that the writers cooked up.

Amy: Oh look. Tae Yeon is back. Yay? Do you think he’s changed for the better because I really hope so!

Jazmine: Tae Yeon…what happened? Instead of studying cuisines from all over the world he looks like he’s been through hell and back. I don’t think he’s changed for the better. He was running from his problems and now he’s back to face them head on. I don’t think he’s in the right mindset….and whatever happened with that wild boar incident? I’m really curious as to what Tae Yeon’s really been up to these past three years.

Not much has changed in the three years since we last saw our characters! What do you think, drama clubbers? Has Tae Yeon changed for the better? Will Eun Cha start to become a better person? Will Ki Young begin to put her career together again? Sound off in the comments below!

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