We have an exciting episode of The Greatest Marriage! Revenge, pregnancies, and marriage proposals all rolled into one! Join Amy, Jazmine, and Taleena as we discuss this week’s episode.

Revenge is sweet?

Amy: Jo Eun Cha is out for revenge! I’m wondering what Cha Ki Young did to him to make him so determined. It had to be something huge. He wasn’t even able to pursue his political career. I think that Bae Soo Bin is doing a great job with Eun Cha’s character. His facial expressions are on point and he manages to look good while acting crazy very well.

Taleena: Eun Cha is kind of a narcissist; I think that is all the prompting he needs to be out to drag down Ki Young after she stood up to him. I agree the actor is doing a great job. I can’t figure out why everyone is helping him out. Is it really just that he knows how to work the Good Ol’ Boy network? Or does he have the goods on people? I can totally see him manipulating a few key people and everyone else following their lead.

Jazmine: I think there’s more to Eun Char and Ki Young’s relationship than meets the eye. I’m hoping to get more on their history. I think the reason everyone is so eager or willing to help Eun Cha can be linked back to the patriarchal thing with the show. He’s man, and even though he’s going through a lawsuit and failed at being a politician it doesn’t matter. However, I believe if Ki Young had gone through the same thing her reputation would be finished. It goes back to the Good Ol’ Boy network that Taleena mentioned.


Oh snap! I’m POSITIVE this will cause more drama!

Jazmine: Of course this was no surprise as it was the premise of the show. I was happy with the way she handled it. There was a wide range of emotions from disbelief to actually being happy with it. I wasn’t fond of Tae Yeon’s reaction and his “no responsibility” attitude but the fact that he stepped up to the plate (even though it seemed like he didn’t want to).

Amy: That is one positive pregnancy test! I’m glad she didn’t put it off forever and stay in denial about it. I was also happy that she didn’t try to hide it from her boyfriend although I wish he would have reacted differently but what can you do? It adds to the story right?

Taleena: Good she found out for sure. I would have hated this to turn into a “I’m not going to tell anyone anything and hide it as long as possible” sort of scenario. Also, I just loved the utter imperturbability of the Pharmacist dealing with both Ki Young and Tae Yeon’s different hangups asking for a pregnancy test. Eye contact! eye contact!

Who are you trying to play?

Taleena: Eun Cha has some serious puppy dog eyes going, but I am really glad Sun Nyeo called him on his baloney and wasn’t falling for his lines. I thought it was very interesting that she is the Chairman’s daughter. I don’t think Eun Cha knows that. He strikes me as the type to marry to further his career, and based on the way he was kissing up to the Chairman on the golf course, he would never have let her go if he’d know who her family was.

Jazmine: For some reason, I laughed out loud during this scene.I think it was because it was such baloney! I’m happy Sun Nyeo called him out too. Though during the flashback to after Sun Nyeo’s first time I felt it kind of heartbreaking. It really showed what a jerk Eun Cha is. I thought he’d have a little ounce of sympathy but just giving her money and leaving like that? That’s pretty low. I was surprised he left the money behind at Sun Nyeo’s desk. I just thought for sure he’d take it.

Amy: I’m glad Sun Nyeo called him out too. I like it when the ladies don’t fall for all of the guys’ tricks. If Eun Cha knew about Sun Nyeo’s dad he would be on her like white on rice. She would never be able to get rid of him but I’m not sure if she really wants to or not. Doing all of this stuff may be her way of holding on to him.


I’d call Pedro in an emergency any day!

Amy: I think I’m going to like Pedro a lot if he is a main character. I really liked how impressed Park Sun Nyeo was when she saw him but how cool she acted in front of him. I thought that their interactions were cute and I laughed out loud when Sun Nyeo paid Pedro extra to bump into Eun Cha and knock him down. I’m curious about why Eun Cha was acting so jealous when he saw Sun Nyeo and Pedro together though. Do you think he actually likes her or was he just surprised to see her with another man? Also, an emergency husband service? Probably not the best idea but I’ll take it if that means we get to see Pedro more.

Taleena: Eun Cha strikes me as one of those guys who doesn’t believe that woman would ever want to really move on from him. Even if she is angry and stalkerish he gets a kick at the thought that she would still be focused on him. I think that Sun Nyeo knows right how to get back at Eun Cha. I think she is going to bring him to heel, so to speak.

Jazmine: This emergency husband service was hilarious to me. I found myself wanting to call after seeing Pedro appear! There’s always wacky services like that so it makes me wonder if something like that actually exists. I was surprised that Eun Cha acted so jealous but like Taleena said his ego is way too big for him to think that a woman could be over him. Especially a woman who calls him her first love. I think that ultimately Eun Cha might actually fall for Sun Nyeo but Sun Nyeo won’t return his feelings. Well, at least I hope not because I like Pedro and they look cute together.

Get yourself together if you’re going to seduce him, girl!

Jazmine: Myung-Yi completely annoyed me during this scene. Who wears heels to cooking lesson? In most kitchen settings, if you’re a newbie...you can expect to get a little dirty. Who gets dolled up for something like that? I think she’s going to get fixated on trying to make Tae Yeon fall for her, but I think that’s going to be difficult. Tae Yeon has no interest in her as of now.

Amy: Sorry but Tae Yeon is preoccupied by Ki Young right now. I think he was surprised because he felt a little something when he touched her but I can’t tell if anything will come of their relationship or not. The girl is very oblivious to her surroundings.

Taleena: Omo. All she took away from that is that he noticed when she hurt her knee. Not that she was fairly hopeless at cooking and he has no interest in her. She seems to have NO clue that he was cooking for a specific person even when that giant basket of flowers came. Also, is it just me or was there something non romantic about the flower styling of that basket? I think it was the wicker basket. I read less romantic dinner and more living room decoration to me.

He’s got you now, Ki young!

Taleena: Well those little birdies do have a way of getting around. So much for keeping on the downlow by going to your brother in law’s hospital Ki Young.

Jazmine: This is all he needs! He’s really going to make her life a living hell once he confirms it. I doubt he’ll leak her secret. He’s more of the blackmailing type for sure.

Amy: Yep. There is no turning back now. He has fuel for his revenge fire and he is going to use it! Get ready, Ki Young!

Who needs marriage?

Amy: I think that Chairman Park went a little overboard in this scene but I kind of understand his frustration. His son brought home a girl saying he is going to marry her and she made little to no effort to get along with her future in laws. Also, she made her polar opposite views clear and I’m sure he doesn’t appreciate that.

Taleena: No one covered themselves in glory here but I am really disappointed in Tae Yeon. He should have not pushed the issue when she was so on the fence. I mean he even avoids his own dad. Then, the restaurant crack was obviously aimed at his son’s choice of career but he doesn’t say anything to Ki Young about it, just let’s her absorb the slam against her mom. I am super unhappy about the way they are both blowing hot and cold and shooting off their mouths. Also, Ki Young doesn’t even seem to notice or care that Tae Yeon is bleeding. Cold.

Jazmine: This scene made me upset with everyone involved. I don’t understand why Tae Yeon brought her to his house right after telling his mom he wanted to marry her. Most people date for awhile, then meet the parents, and then decide to get married. I know their relationship isn’t normal by any means but I think it would have been wise to wait. The chairman really did grind my gears this scene. The jab about the restaurant would have really upset me too. The chairman says whatever he wants and expects everyone to just take it and those kind of people are the absolute worst. Tae Yeon’s mother was probably the only one that didn’t bother me that much. I would like to think that most moms don’t approve of their son’s girlfriends wearing miniskirts. Ki Young’s anger at the situation boiled over during her and Tae Yeon’s fight outside. Her life has already drastically changed because she’s pregnant and now marriage on top of that? It’s a lot to handle. I do wish she’d take into consideration Tae Yeon’s feelings a bit more. He is trying. I wonder what she’s going to do next. How will she handle work and other aspects of her life? I’m interested to find out.

What will happen now that the marriage is broken off? How will Jo Eun Cha get revenge against Cha Ki Young? Will Cha Ki Young be able to keep her job as an anchor after news of her pregnancy breaks? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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