Welcome to another exciting episode of Healer! Our hero is trying to find out what actually happened to his father, Moon Ho knows who Healer is, and Young Shin wants to get closer to him! Come discuss all of the exciting details with Tiara, Pamela, and Amy!


Amy: Poor Jung Hoo is going through a really hard time! He wants to find out if his father really is a killer and if he isn’t, what actually happened to him. Moon Ho seems like he is holding back information but I don’t know if that is because he is afraid of people getting hurt or he is just selfish. I was so surprised when Jung Hoo revealed that he is Healer, though! I guess he will do anything to clear his dad’s name.

Tiara: Mad props to the writer for making a bold move by revealing Healer to Moon Ho. I was worried how Moon Ho would’ve reacted to finding out Jung Hoo’s secret identity. Color me shock, but the drama nailed this out of the park. Moon Ho seems to be thrilled to see him. Sad, but very happy. I mean his first thought is a memory of the past when he would watch over him and Ji Ahn. I’m still not quite sure what are Moon Ho’s true intentions in the grand scheme, however, this moment and the one at the junkyard is genuine.

Oh Amy, Moon Ho is definitely keeping secrets. I mean he lied right off the bat about Ji Ahn being dead which was selfish. However, I’m not sure if the secrets he has will be any help at this point in time. I get the feeling Moon Ho might be waiting to make his move.

Pamela: Moon Ho is waiting for “the opportune moment,” as Captain Jack Sparrow put it. In a way, I am glad that Jung Hoo revealed himself to Moon Ho - my heart isn’t, but the show gives me too much excitement to handle, anyway - and that Moon Ho has treated him as he has. There are a lot of secrets, but enough information has been revealed that Jung Hoo has a few answers, even if many more questions have arisen. Moon Ho is secretive this way, but he also cares enough about his past to want to keep Jung Hoo around, be he an accomplice or a tool.


Amy: Oh Detective Yoon. I understand why you think that way but you are being played big time. Someone wants to frame Healer to get him out of the way. If you could realize that it would be awesome because then you, Healer, and hacker ahjumma could form an awesome team of people who can catch the people behind all of these crimes.

Tiara: I’m glad Detective Yoon is suspicious as it makes for a better character and detective. Sadly, he’s attaching onto the wrong fish. He obsessed over Healer, he’s missing important clues about the big picture. Apparently, he doesn’t see the man behind the curtain which leads him to being played. I’m right there with you Amy. Detective Yoon better open his eyes and join Team Healer soon. I smell a promotion in his future if he can take down the Elder.

Pamela: On one hand, I agree the detective is developing nicely; he’s being set up for someone I hope can be a great ally for the Healer squad once he gets his priorities of suspicion straight. *pouts* I just want to flail over him, too. Until that happens, I will grit my teeth and laugh at his opinions of Healer. Until that happens, I will keep wishing for him to get that decisive piece of evidence that brings him over to our protagonist’s side. The downfall of Creepyung and the Elder (or one of the two) is something I hope will be full of alliances and satisfaction.


Amy: Well, you gotta keep yourself entertained, right? Hacker ahjumma finally told Jung Hoo about the email Healer received from Young Shin and he wants to answer! Young Shin wants to go on a date and Jung Hoo is willing because he wants to be by Young Shin’s side to protect her. Ahjumma is against it because Detective Yoon is on Healer’s trail and she is afraid Jung Hoo’s identity will be revealed but she should know that she can’t stop him!

Tiara: What was Healer’s email again? If this is what it takes, I want a date too.

Oh young love, you can’t stop it. Ahjumma isn’t going to be able to keep her Healer in line no more. She didn’t have to tell him about the email, but I’m happy she did. In Jung Hoo’s life, Ahjumma has been the only one to have stayed. She could’ve abandoned him like his mom, grandma, and Teacher. Instead, she’s giving him advice and sticking with him. I wonder if she gave him the email because she understands his loneliness. She may not like the situation, but is secretly happy for him.

Pamela: Tiara-unni, I completely agree. The relationship between Ahjumma and Jung Hoo is so snarky, yet it is also just so sweet. She may be concerned for him for the sake of money, her own safety, or out of sheer concern, but it’s a good thing she told him about the email. It’s bad for my face, as I can’t stop grinning, but it’s good for Jung Hoo. As a bonus, Ahjumma gets to live vicariously through setting up the date between him and Young Shin, haha.


Amy: Awwww! Look at that hand hold! Get your girl, Jung Hoo! This was the sweetest date without talking I’ve seen. Young Shin just wanted to be in Healer’s presence and she didn’t care whether she saw him or not. So adorably romantic!

Tiara: A simple theatre date with battery candles and a stuffed bunny. These two aren’t evening sitting next to each other during the movie and there’s so much meat to this relationship. Jung Hoo isn’t into the movie at first until he starts to enjoyed it with Young Shin. Adorable. The hand-holding just gave me heart palpitation. Young Shin doesn’t even take a peek at Healer. She could’ve turned to look at the darken theatre door, but no she looks off dreamily towards the front. There’s no need for words nor does Young Shin want to know Healer’s identity.

No really, what was the email again ...

Pamela: I have had healer@mobius.com engraved in my brain for this very reason. I swear, the beauty, silence, and emotional connection of this date has forever ruined the prospect of my first date (if it ever comes - I’ll be too busy watching dramas to have one). Jung Hoo and Young Shin do not have to lock eyes for the mysterious and sweet romance between them to grow. Young Shin respects Healer too much for that. In addition, Jung Hoo trusts her enough to allow the proximity within the theater to take place. There are secrets being kept from Young Shin, but there are also comfort and safety to bind her to him.

Tiara: Thanks Pamela. *wink*


Amy: Now that Moon Ho knows who Jung Hoo is they’re working together to find out what happened to Jung Hoo’s father. I think that this could be a strong team if they would trust each other but I don’t think either of them really trust each other.

Tiara: Yay, it’s mission time. Operation: cobra is a go. It’s a tad weird having Moon Ho in on the mission, but on the other hand I’m super excited about him joining the team. I hope there is more of team Healer in the future. However, Moon Ho and Jung Hoo have a long way to go before they start trusting each other. Trust is earn and so far Moon Ho hasn’t earned it.

Pamela: It’s time for the Friendship Operation - Friendshiperation, if you will. This is a chance for Moon Ho to earn the trust you two are referring to, but also for both Moon Ho and Jung Hoo to delve deeper into the accident that separated them and their families back in the day (when dinosaurs roamed the earth and Barney & Friends began airing). I hope the two men can reclaim the closeness of their younger days, but mostly, I hope they can kick some...donkey butt together. Either way, Moon Ho will have to give up more information than he has to keep Jung Hoo searching.


Amy: Ah! Did anyone else get the shivers when Moon Shik was acting all friendly towards Young Shin? I do not like them meeting one bit!

Tiara: Really, run girl and don’t look back. I’m not sure if keeping Young Shin in the dark is a good idea. I understand Moon Ho’s doing this with only good intentions by keeping her safe, but you can’t keep an eye on her 24/7. Plus, the police aren’t the brightest bulbs either. Young Shin has a lot of anger towards the family whom she thinks threw her away like trash. What will happen to her when the truth is presented in the form of her sick, but alive mother and horrible past? I think a pissed off Young Shin is going to take over.

Pamela: Oh, do I hope she does...But before that, her safety is in jeopardy - people want to protect her, but people also want to harm her. Cutting Young Shin off from the information loop might help the antagonists more than Moon Ho and Jung Hoo intend. All she is told is to be wary of anyone, as anyone could snatch her and hurt her at anytime, but she doesn’t know which of these “anyone” people she needs to look out for. She doesn’t even know how connected they are to her past of separation and loss. The Healer squad may not be able to protect her for much longer in this state.

What will happen next? Will Jung Hoo and Moon Ho make a good team? Will Detective Yoon wise up? What is Moon Shik planning? Also, how adorable was that date? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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