Welcome back, Healers! Let’s talk about episode 12! Jung Hoo finally admitted his feelings for Young Shin out loud, Moon Shik is up to no good, and Jung Hoo is out to prove his father’s innocence. Join Tiara, Pamela, and Amy as we try to sort everything out!


Amy: Oh Moon Shik. You just don’t know when to stop do you? Greedy, selfish man. You want to protect Young Shin all of a sudden? I don’t trust him. I don’t know about you ladies but I think he is still up to no good.

Tiara: Wow, these brothers are cold and cruel. Anyone else felt the room go down in temperature? Moon Ho knows about the Elder. Does he know who the Elder is and what he’s goals are? How much of Moon Shik’s operations did he find out by bugging the office? What did Hyung do to cause Myung Hee’s accident? I’m totally creeped out by Moon Shik deciding to “protect” Ji Ahn.

Pamela: There are people trying to protect Young Shin; there are people seeking to hurt her as well. With the confusion she had over Moon Ho's and Healer’s motivations a few weeks ago, the lackey of shadiness that is Creepyung isn't as easy to pick up on as we'd like. Moon Ho is even more uncomfortable about it than we are, so I hope the answers to your questions, Tiara-unni, will be a gosh-freaking yes soon. Let’s shudder behind the computer screen in fear of Hyung and for Young Shin in the meantime.


Amy: Moon Shik got notified when Jung Hoo tried to get his dad’s case records and brought Jung Hoo to his home. Of course Jung Hoo is acting like a fun, ignorant student who just returned from Russia but sending his pictures to hacker ahjumma. I loved seeing Jung Hoo’s fun side though. Myung Hee also lied to Moon Shik AND she doesn’t think Jung Hoo’s dad killed her husband. I’m glad everyone is reaffirming his dad’s innocence. He needs to know his dad was not a bad guy.

Tiara: I agree Amy. If Myung Hee believes his father is innocent, he should too. Granted, Myung Hee just learned about Moon Shik’s threat towards Jung Hoo’s mother. Hyung knows Myung Hee lied to him, but what will his reaction be when he finds out she knows his evil dark deeds? First Myung Hee needs to find away from her gilded cage before it’s too late.

Pamela: It’s like Smile Dong Hae all over again - Myung Hee believes in the innocence in Jung Hoo and his father's name just as Anna Laker believed in the choices of her son, Dong Hae. (I apologize...I was having some reunion feels when the two had that little heart-to-heart conversation.) While Myung Hee does need Moon Shik at the moment for the sake of her health, it would be great for her to break away from him and to help Jung Hoo find the truth he deserves.


Amy: I think it is awesome that Young Shin knows something is up with Hwang Jae Guk’s suicide case. Even though he did all kinds of bad things she wants to confirm her suspicions that it wasn’t suicide and expose what really happened. Sure it is mostly to protect Healer but she also said she feels like she has to do it as a reporter so it’s not like she’s only doing it for love right? Hee hee!

Tiara: Ah … Young Shin is becoming a true reporter. She could’ve turned a blind eye towards the President Hwang’s suicide, but something’s fishy. Of course, she wants to prove Healer has nothing to do with his death. I think it’s safe to believe Moon Ho knows who called for President Hwang’s death. Does he want to put Young Shin in harms way?

Pamela: Will Young Shin really give him a choice? Haha...She is growing more and more perceptive and willing to risk her own feelings and safety to prove the truth. (Also, to prove that Healer isn't a murderer, but details, details...) I think we give Moon Ho little credit for not being as stooped in the shady curtains as his brother. We don't know how much he has investigated or uncovered, but considering the sore relationship he is having with Moon Shik, I'm not sure he has the story behind President Hwang’s death figured out. Moon Shik, the Elder - the suspicions are there, but the evidence needed for the confrontation is not.


Amy: Well, I can’t say that I blame Jung Hoo for being angry. I can’t say I’d be too happy if I liked someone and was lied to about their real identity. I mean, it is a big deal that Jung Hoo’s dad was framed for Young Shin’s biological father’s murder. It has to be very burdensome on him and make his desire to find out what really happened greater. You would think that but Jung Hoo told Moon Ho that he plans to protect Young Shin and would like to be left alone. Maybe he’ll just keep all of this to himself until he uncovers the truth.

Tiara: As I said before, trust is earned. Moon Ho isn’t doing himself any favors by lying. He’s just proving the point of being a victim, both him and Young Shin. Whatever horrible thing happened in the past has bleed through to current time. Personally, I don’t think Jung Hoo punched him hard enough. I’ve come to love and hate Moon Ho. He can come across as sympathetic and other times I want to throw him off a cliff. Those times are when he comes across as cunning as his Hyung and just repulse me. He should be honest and truthful towards both Jung Hoo and Young Shin.

Pamela: It’s hard to tell whether Moon Ho is hiding information because he wants to protect Jung Hoo as well as Young Shin, or because he wants to do the protecting alone. He doesn’t trust Jung Hoo enough, either, especially since he was the kid's babysitter and friend before. Jung Hoo and Young Shin have grown into capable adults with a desire to get involved. There’s only so much secrecy they can take, because Moon Ho, they are not children.


Amy: Yes. All of the squealing happened during that scene and then laughter because the poor guy got kicked for going in for another hug. He just needs some comforting! Poor guy. Young Shin is, of course, completely oblivious. I wonder when she’ll find out who Healer is. I do think she started to put it together when she touched Jung Hoo’s hand. It’s too bad she dismissed her suspicions. Come on, girl!

Tiara: Young Shin is totally conflicted with her feelings for Bong Soo as she hugged him back. It’s understandable for her to have emotions towards him. He’s her partner, she likes spending time with him, and she truly does care for him. I really did think she was going to throw something when Bong Soo’s attention was not attune his sunbae. Ha!!! A great conflict, the man or the superhero. Of course, I’m rooting for the man and the superhero. It is only a matter of time before she puts two and two together. It’s too early for her to notice Bong Soo’s hand has the same warmth as Healer’s but she will.

Pamela: I hope she does soon, because Jung Hoo is being both embraced (as Healer) and rejected (as Bong Soo), and the guy's going to start experiencing emotional whiplash. Each of these tender touching moments is too much for my little heart. She’s progressively figuring out the double-identity secret, and the key word here is, “progressively.” Personally, I haven’t felt an enormous drag in the dreaded middle episodes, and I’m still excited to see just how much longer it will take for Jung Hoo to be exposed.


Amy: Aaaaaaah! What is going to happen?! Why do you have to leave us hanging like this?! Why?! You better find him, Young Shin! Why do I have to wait for my new episode? Sigh.


Why drama, why must you play with my emotions? These endings are going to kill me. Ahjumma has given her consent towards Young Shin. Does this mean we’re going to have a new member of Team Healer? Pretty please ….

Let’s get in those theory on who’s in the stairwell. My first thought is it’s Teacher. I’ve heard a odd one of Moon Ho. He doesn’t seem tall enough to be him. SInce this is dramaland and weirder things have happen, what if it’s one of the two dead men? I know, I know way out there and would kill a little of my love for how awesome the writing has been. Man, is it Tuesday yet?

Pamela: Let me take a moment to gather my alfijjgfjngjeijapihges together...Ahkiyay, we’re back in business. I thought at first that Teacher would be the one in the stairway as well, but you never know. Haha, it would help progress the plot if it was one of those two dead men, wouldn’t it? I’m glad that at least the relationship between Ahjumma and Young Shin has progressed (beyond electronic stalking on Jung Hoo’s behalf) with that phone call. In all honesty, this is one of the most anxiety-inducing cliffhanger I’ve experienced in a drama so far. No pain is greater than seeing Ji Chang Wook unconscious and bloody on a rooftop in January. *hangs on to chair for dear life waiting* *falls off chair* *sobs until Tuesday*

Amy: I honestly couldn’t figure out who was in the stairwell but teacher makes sense. I’m sobbing right there with you, Pamela! I don’t like waiting!

What do you think drama clubbers? What will happen to Jung Hoo? Will Moon Ho be able to regain his trust? When will Young Shin find out Jung Hoo's true identity? Sound off in the comments below!


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