Tiara: We’re heading towards the finishing line. We’ve got much to cover. Young Shin and Jung Hoo must figure out if they can trust each other. Dad learns some of the reason for Young Shin’s mood swing. A daughter gets to meet her mom and learn she wasn’t thrown away. Lastly, Team Healer makes a move against the Elder. Come join in as Amy, Pamela, and I talk about episode 17 of Healer.

Watch episode 17:

I found my birth mother …

Amy: Awwww! This was so touching! Moon Ho introduced himself to Young Shin’s dad then wanted to know if she had told him her news yet because he wanted to introduce himself properly. I thought it was very sweet of him and I was proud of Young Shin for telling her dad instead of dragging it out. He took it well and their hug was so sweet. I love Young Shin’s dad. He cares so much for her and worked so hard to make her a part of his family.

Pamela: What is nice is that Young Shin’s father cares enough to protect her, but to also allow her the consolation she needs after discovering all she has in the past couple of episodes. Young Shin has learned the strength of trust from her father since the two met, and it shows in how she interacts with him and with Moon Ho and Jung Hoo. It’s great that Moon Ho is able to enter this part of Young Shin’s life as her former friend. How her father will take it when he finds out Jung Hoo’s secret backstory will be interesting (but hopefully as heartwarming).

Tiara: Very true Pamela. Her dad knows something is up with Young Shin, but she hasn’t come forward with her problems. I can just imagine the pain Dad was feeling seeing his little girl in distress. As for Young Shin, she didn’t want to worry her Dad let alone hurt his feelings. It must’ve been hard on her to not tell her Dad about knowing her birth mother was alive. I’m glad the drama didn’t hold back this information between father and daughter. Having Moon Ho be there to see father and daughter was a nice touch. Considering the guilt he feels towards Young Shin, he finally get’s to see first hand the love this family has for one another. Hopefully, this will help Moon Ho move after witnessing this moment.


Waiting for a call …

Amy: Young Shin and Jung Hoo were so cute waiting to talk to each other and having a telepathic conversation. Ha ha! I think that Young Shin knows Jung Hoo didn’t really kill anyone but she wants to hear it from him. She just doesn’t want Jung Hoo to take it the wrong way and get mad at her. Poor babies.

Pamela: And yet, Jung Hoo is afraid to tell Young Shin when he doesn’t know if she is ready to hear his side. They both care about each other so much that I really can’t handle it anymore...I’m glad this silence wasn’t maintained beyond this episode, though. I can’t deal with the prospect of these two not being able to communicate.

Tiara: I was heartsick to watch these two be forced away from one another. The drama kept giving us these fantastic fanservice moments, but then to see our OTP being astray due to misunderstandings just isn’t right. I’m grateful the separation wasn’t due to being some noble idiot doing the right thing of staying away. Jung Hoo is worried Young Shin may think the wrong thing about the situation where as Young Shin just wants him to call her and explain it. It’s funny looking at it from the outside. This time of panic could’ve been saved if they just called earlier and picked the phone up sooner.


Secretary Oh is released from police custody, while the Elder reminds Moon Shik people go missing all the time

Amy: Secretary Oh should have stayed where he was. Why did he have to get released? Oh yeah. So that he can make more bad things happen and we can watch Jung Hoo come to the rescue. I guess I’m okay with that. Elder, do you really think everyone will just let it go if Moon Ho disappears? I don’t see things going your way.

Pamela: The Elder is making the point that Moon Shik needs to keep watch over the actions of Moon Ho and the rest of the Healer squad. Secretary Oh is tougher to bring down than he looks, as are the Elder and Moon Shik, and the three of them know that our heroes will not leave this whole battle unresolved. Neither side has too much of an upper hand, but Moon Ho’s side has the motivation and options as a news organization to keep running since they hit the ground. The fight has gone far enough that there is no turning back.

Tiara: Of course, psycho lackey would be let go. He does know people in high places as well as their secrets. Can’t kill him in police custody as it would look suspicious. If something were to happen outside, accidents do happen. I can’t see them going down that route to kill him, but he is as expendable. As for the Elder, I don’t think this is a warning towards Moon Shik. It is way past the time of warnings. The Elder is getting tired of Moon Ho. This is his plans for Moon Ho if Moon Shik can’t keep his brother in line.


Young Shin interviews her mother while Healer says his greetings to the Elder

Amy: It had to be hard for Young Shin to see her birth mother but not be able to tell her who she is. I don’t think I would have been able to hold the tears back either. They definitely had a connection.

Pamela: I haven’t felt this much aww-ness since Myung Hee reunited with Jung Hoo a few weeks ago (*continues to plug Smile Dong Hae*), but this was just sweet. On the day of Ji Ahn’s birthday, these two finally had the chance to see each other in person for the first time in over twenty years. The way Myung Hee was so naturally comfortable and then clinging to Young Shin demonstrates just how drawn they are together when they have the opportunity to be.

Tiara: Alright who’s got the box of tissues. I can’t seem to stop the tears. I think the scene is hurts more because Young Shin can’t come out she’s Ji Ahn as it could kill her mom. Finally, we are given answers to why Young Shin has her feelings towards her mom. She wasn’t left in trash because she wasn’t wanted. She was left there for her safety. Sure, we knew how much she was loved by her mom, but it’s good for Young Shin to know the truth. Being such a young girl in a frightening situation her memories have to be confused. I’m glad this chapter of her past is cleared up.


Will Team Healer bring down the Farmers?

Amy: I’m loving the people who are part of Team Healer now. With so many on Team Healer I think they’ll be able to take down the Farmers if they go about it very carefully. The detective needs to join them too but I don’t know if that will actually happen. Elder even got exposed. What is the big deal about Elder being exposed though? Why doesn’t he want anyone but people in his circle to see him? I need to know!

Pamela: Once the Elder’s face gets exposed, there’s less ease in hiding him. With facial recognition technology, maybe even his legal identity can be revealed. That’s my improvisational assumption, anyway. I hope that this encounter between Jung Hoo and the Elder proves advantageous… *maniacally rubs hands together*

Tiara: Good job Team Healer for pulling a fast one of the Elder. He didn’t see this one coming. I agree Amy, the detective needs to join or at least see who the real bad guys are. Fingers cross he joins the team soon because right now he looks like a joke. At this point, I want to know what’s on the tape. What did Jung Hoo’s father tell the police to shake the system and get him kill? Not to mention, what started this whole thing? How and why did Young Shin’s birth father had to died? What were the three friends up too? Another round of questions. Come on drama, where’s the answers?

Let us know your thoughts? How are you feeling about Healer so far? Is the drama still as awesome as it was from episode 1? Until next time, watch more dramas.

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