Tiara: Make sure your seatbelts are fasten because it's going to be an emotional ride. Episode 18 will have you laughing, crying, squealing, and breathing fire. So grab your tissues and ice cream and join Amy, Pamela, and me as we try to live out a normal life with Healer.

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Team Healer vs The Elder … Fight

Amy: I loved it when Jung Hoo asked Elder if he had thought about the children when he brought the fathers down. I don’t think Elder was counting on the children being so strong. Unfortunately, though, Jung Hoo went night night and the Elder got away.

Tiara: Wow, our Healer is very brave to be in the monster’s cave saying those words. It’s now or never to get some of his feelings off his chest. The Elder envisions his actions as protecting and saving the people from themselves. Well, who died and made him King? What right is it of his to make the choices? The fact he allows people to live or die is enough to call him mentally deranged. The battle may have gone to Team Healer. Fingers are crossed for the good guys to win the War, but they just might lose one of their own along the way.

Pamela: Oh goodness, I hope they don’t. As idealistic as it sounds, I really hope it doesn’t. The Elder shouldn’t retain his self-appointed shinigami status, nor should he have the control over people he has. He gets rid of those who serve to mess with his plan of dominance, and for the sake of the repercussions his plans of knavish actions, I am looking forward to his [probable] demise next week.

Answer Me 1992

Amy: Woooooooow! Wow. I knew Jung Hoo’s dad did nothing wrong but I didn’t expect all of this! The Farmers have been around for a long time! When Jung Hoo’s dad presented evidence that they were up to no good everything got confiscated and he got poisoned. Just crazy stuff. I guess Farmers have to get the bad seeds out of the way. It’s almost like a cult to me.

Tiara: Answers about that unfortunate day in 1992 has been revealed. Exposing the truth is what Gil Han and Joon Seok have always wanted to do. Knowing the truth isn’t easy and comes with a price. It’s a shame one was killed, the other murdered, and families ripped apart. Such a horrible twist of fate. Moon Shik taking the deal with The Farmers wasn’t an easy choice. I can’t say I can criticize him for the decision back then. However now, Moon Shik isn’t a victim anymore. He is just as guilty as the rest of The Farmers. If he wants to redeem himself, he should turn himself and the rest of the group in. He has a lot of amends to make towards his friends and brother.

Pamela: The only reasonable explanation I can fathom for why Moon Shik would have made the decision to implicate Joon Seok was for the sake of taking Myung Hee (and for finding success with the Farmers squad). It’s a shame that the friendship he had (or that I hoped he had) with the other radio pirates ended in such a despicable way, though. It’s arguable that he is ready to redeem himself, especially after the threat he was given by the Elder, but he may realize just how much guilt he has burdened himself with. I say “may,” because you never do know.

Asking for permission isn’t easy ….

Amy: This was so cute! Poor Jung Hoo. Ha ha ha! Dad found out that Young Shin actually took care of Jung Hoo all night and all hell broke loose! Ha ha ha! I loved how Dad tricked Jung Hoo into telling him too. Was the soup good? Obviously it was! Hee hee!

Tiara: Awkward moment in history … gosh, I died laughing watching Dad and Ahjussi giving him the third degree. Bong Soo isn’t much of a fake personality. In truth Jung Hoo is just as socially awkward. It’s just the situation which give us the Healer or dorkable Jung Hoo. Either way, I like it. Yeah, the soup was a dead giveaway for Dad to learn his dear daughter was alone with a man. At least, he didn’t lie.

Pamela: Young Shin’s father is protective of the girl, but the fact that Young Shin has found someone to both be cared about by and to care for is something he can’t deny is a beneficial scenario. As much as he can be adorably and hilariously bash the dorky little child that is Jung Hoo, he can’t refuse the puppy dog eyes.

Living normal is overrated

Amy: Living normal is hard for someone who hasn’t been normal most of his life. He is rarely around people and when he is it is just for short periods of time. Adjusting to people is way too hard! I would need a lot of naps too. I’m not so sure normal living is suitable for Jung Hoo though. I think he is going to have to find something more along the lines of his former career.

Tiara: Agree Amy. Jung Hoo hasn’t lived a normal life since his mom walked out on him. He’s spent most of his teenage years with his Teacher who is oddball. Having a normal job and being thrown into social norms is amusing for us, but for him he doesn’t know what to do. Heck, Ajumma has been taking care of his finances for years. He’s the grown child who hasn’t ever needed to really grown up. He can pretend to be apart of society, but he isn’t connected to it. Good news, he has Moon Ho and Young Shin to help him. It also helps he’s got time to figure things out.

Pamela: He’s got time, and since the three of them are toying with the idea of moving away from the city, anyway, he will have an environment to adjust in. This isn’t who he is, and it takes time for a new identity to set in. Jung Hoo is adorable as he attempts to fit in, but I’m sure he will return, at least to an extent, to his previous lifestyle in the end. You can take the Jung Hoo out of the Healer, but you can’t take the Healer out of Jung Hoo.

Moon Shik makes some bold statements

Amy: Sigh. Moon Shik just stop. You aren’t going to get your way no matter how good you try to look. He is delusional. I really think that Moon Shik believes he is in the right. He genuinely does not think he has done anything wrong and that he is, in fact, the good guy. It’s almost like he is brainwashed.

Tiara: A huge blow to Team Healer with these turn of events. As much as I want to call out Moon Shik, he didn’t lie. He presented the information in such a creative and misleading way to help prove his point. Evening if he were to lie, he would believe it as seen over time with his statement about his friend’s murder. Popular opinion has been swayed back to his side with this interview. I hope he enjoys his win for now because I see a enraged lady behind him. Myung Hee isn’t going to take this laying down anymore as seen by her reaction of his interview. Wait until she finds out he lied about Young Shin. Mama Bear is going to tear him apart.

Pamela: Moon Shik is trying so hard to jeopardize the other side’s chances of winning that his winning streak is making the situation seemingly hopeless for our good guys. One thing he can’t reverse at this point, though, is Myung Hee’s level of trust and obedience. She has committed to meeting Young Shin and to refusing to believe Moon Shik’s attempts to dismiss and avert her eyes. As much as he has the Seoul population in the palm of his hand, Myung Hee’s and the Healer team’s drives cannot be so easily quelled. It’s time for Moon Shik to get his sly ways repaid, as his loose interpretation of the truth is just as dangerous now as it was back in the day.

The Elder makes his move against Team Healer

Amy: The Elder won’t go down without a fight! With Team Healer being attacked in both their business and personal lives it looks like it will be a hard fight but I have a feeling hard work will persevere. Especially if everyone sticks to their guns.

Tiara: I’ve been worried since day one Moon Ho was doomed to die. Now, he’s been kidnapped and the Elder is all about missing people. I don’t see him surviving. I hope this is not the case. He’s apart of Team Healer and you can’t have him drama. He has to live. I want him to be able to finally let go of his blame of what happen in 1992. He was just as much a child as Young Shin and Jung Hoo. I want him to be able to live a life much like how Jung Hoo hasn’t be able to live.

I totally understand narrative, Moon Ho dying would bring more impact. Heck, it could probably bring Moon Shik towards redeeming himself. I just don’t want to lose him. I love Moon Ho just as much as I love Healer. Please don’t kill him off … come on drama gods, how can you kill off a character with his smile. It would be wrong …

Pamela: The prospect of Moon Ho’s death didn’t start popping into my head until about ten minutes ago, and it’s starting to gain prevalence in my mind. It would make much sense, but it would also make for much pain on our parts. He realizes the pointlessness in fighting against the tax people, but he has the will to move past the pain he has experienced on his part for the past two decades. He was about my age when it happened, and I want him to end his time on the drama (be it alive or not) with an acceptance that he has done all he can for Jung Hoo and Young Shin. That smile is the best thing to see from him in the end, and I hope he can keep retaining it through all of this.

Tiara: Okay Team Healer, we've got two more episodes to go. What are your theories for the end? Will our OTP get the Happily Ever After Ending? Will Young Shin finally get to tell her mom who she is? Will Myung Hee get her revenge for her husband and friend's death? Will Moon Ho make it out alive? Comment below ... Until next time, watch more Dramas.

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