Tiara: It’s the end of the world as we know it; team Healer as we say goodbye. We’ve got much to talk about as we set up for the last mission. Everyone make sure you have your cameras, drinks, and of course don’t forget your tissues as Pamela and I say farewell.

Watch the finale:

Healer is here to save the day

Tiara: Ha, Jung Hoo comes in to save Young Shin, Dad and Ahjussi. I love the look on their faces. I was dying of laughter that I had to rewatch the scene again. How adorable is Jung Hoo introducing himself, then apologizes to dad and reminding Young Shin to keep her eyes close. See, he remembers all the things Dad told him way back when. I’m tickle over Ahjussi jumping at Jung Hoo’s instructions. The dorkable Bong Soo he isn’t here at this moment. However, he goes right back to socially awkward once he has to talk face to face without bad guys. Oh, I did think Dad was going to kill him if he kiss Young Shin.

Pamela: One of my friends has finally gotten a few tastes of Ji Chang Wook after I made her watch his Running Man stint and after she has watched the first few minutes of this drama. Her main comment was just how...hot he was in comparison to the adorkable little child he was on Running Man. He shows off both his childlike and his slick, dark personalities in this role. The way in which Jung Hoo was just explaining his identity to Young Shin’s father and Ahjussi was just so smooth and full of nonchalance that I couldn’t help but giggle. Personally, I was going to kill Jung Hoo when he didn’t kiss Young Shin, but I forgave him in his struggle to tone down his lip urges.

Moon Ho almost gets trapped, but is saved by a white knight

Tiara: Apparently Moon Ho is gullible to think the Elder was going to not do anything. Hello, you turned down his offer of the President of a News Group. Plus, he can’t find Jung Hoo and messing with Moon Ho is just fun. Super glad this didn’t turn into something big, but kept the suspense. Ahjumma also got to meet Moon Ho and start the process of bringing down the Elder. The LA video from the first episode comes back. Finally, we understand a lot of the whys from the first few episodes. There is a reason for putting a murder on Healer.

Pamela: I’m not sure if Moon Ho was expecting anything to be attempted on him after his refusal or not. He and Jung Hoo are the subjects of Elder’s hopes to humiliate Team Healer into submission. Luckily, the squad has got his back. He also gets to learn just who this group is comprised of, which makes it easier for the team to stand together. Moon Ho isn’t alone anymore. None of them are.

A mother always knows

Tiara: A little bittersweet for Myung Hee to know about her daughter being alive, but not getting to see them have the happy reunion. It’s been over 20 years and lots have happened to get where they are now. You can’t just start over and forget the past. It will take time for both of them to be able to become mother and daughter. I do wonder about how much Moon Ho told Myung Hee about Young Shin’s childhood. As we know, she got a rough run to the point she wanted to take her life. It wasn’t until Dad came along, she became a different person. He was able to bring happiness into her life. You can see this by the pictures. The first set of pictures had a unsmiling Young Shin and as she grew up, she started to smile more.

Pamela: Even if the words weren’t passed between Myung Hee and Young Shin, at least the knowledge has. We will never know just how much Myung Hee was told, but the admiration and gratitude she has for Young Shin’s adoptive father shows. Because of the incident from Young Shin’s childhood years, she and her mother were separated, and both suffered nearly inerasable wounds. This incident also brought them back together, and both of these women have grown so much stronger as a result.

Say Hello to uncle Moon Shik

Tiara: I think the man has lost his marbles. Sure, he drunk, but he think’s he is Gil Han not Moon Shik. Not to mention, he’s talking to a person who isn’t there. The man he’s really talking to is Gil Han but he’s dead. Being haunted by his friend who he betrayed nightly seems justified. Not only did he not step up to his friend's death, he left his daughter alone in the world because he only wants Myung Hee. I can’t say I’m terribly sorry to see the man living in the hell of his own making. For all the evil deeds he’s caused, it’s gratifying to see him suffering in his own mind.

Pamela: Moon Shik has been done in by his own guilt. It’s sad, and I don’t want to say that he deserved it, but at the same time, he did. The man abandoned those who thought so much of him in order to be with those who would supposedly make so much of him. He did this all for the sake of his own success and for becoming Myung Hee’s groom, and now that Myung Hee has left, there is nothing barring him from the rush of hallucinations and underlying responsibility. The insanity has seeped in, and his arc ends with his inability to prevent that any longer.

It’s the final showdown

Tiara: Thank you drama for keeping me on my toes. You made me bite my nails and laugh at the same time. Jung Hoo calling Moon Hoo uncle had me laughing and awing at the same time. Yes, darn you drama for making me rewind back to watch it again. However, drama you do not get off for making me think you killed Healer. Yes, plan B was a winner, but you almost gave me a heart attack. Who knew Jung Hoo and Moon Ho could be such great actors. Once it came out as a fake, seeing Moon Ho shoving Jung Hoo’s face with his hand had me on the floor rolling. Really, I want more of this fun air. But I totally called it. Detective Yoon came through and saved the day. Woohoo!!! Go Team Healer!!!

Pamela: It’s moments like these when I feel the urge to let a drama get me to cry. If I wasn’t so tired, I probably would have done so in fear of Jung Hoo’s death. The intricacies of the whole plan threw me for a loop, and I love that it did. One thing that has been great about this drama is the sheer number of unpredictable twists that occurred. In the end, Detective Yoon did join the protagonists in their battle, and in the end, that’s what made the end possible.

Overall thoughts:

Tiara: The end is sad, but happy at the same time. The way the story was developed, this is the end of one chapter in the lives of these characters. The next part of their story is being partners in crime as reporters much like their father. Sometimes Moon Ho and Ahjumma joins in on their hunts. Who knows, down the line marriage and children. Overall a great and satisfying drama from beginning to end. Healer enjoys giving suspense and tense moments, but throws in laughs and feel good moments. The writing is solid with only a few questionable moments. Everyone working on Healer should be proud as Healer will go down in KDrama history as a must see drama.

Pamela: That it will. Nearly every character had a place of importance, and nearly every episode progressed in a way that surpassed my expectations. The drama saw balance, and it also saw heart. This is the first drama I have ever been this compelled by to glue my eyes to the screen, and the first drama I have seen as it aired that induced so much anxiety (any at all, really) with its cliffhangers. For the most part, Healer was amazing, while not without flaws. We are left with only glimpses into the conclusion of our storylines, but that may have been all that we needed. Nothing is deemed definite, just as nothing was deemed as such in the events which motivated these characters. Nothing is set in stone, but in my opinion, the greatness of this drama is.

Tiara: The end is here … how are you holding up Team Healer? Are you on your third box of tissues? How was the ending? Did it leave you happy? Comment below.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all for hanging out with us, Pamela, Amy, and I. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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