Welcome back, Healers! We’re starting to put a lot of pieces together but adding new mysteries to our story as well! Healer is getting protective of Young Shin too! Will it turn into something more? Join Tiara, Amy, and Pamela as we discuss this week’s episode!


Amy: Not only did we get an awesome fighting sequence at the beginning of this episode but we also got to see Healer sweetly protecting Young Shin and even helping her with her pills! Was I the only one who swooned? I really love this pairing.

Tiara: The reason this drama is hitting all the buttons is the action mixed with comedy and mystery. The action was fast and fun. Yes, I saw those black grips. Why wasn’t there black grips when I was a gymnast? Red, white, and Black were the only colors you could get in my day. The high bar work was a little sloppy with some unpointed toes. However, I give the dismount a 7 and half points. He took a step.

Amy, I was swooning over Healer coming to the rescue. He may seem scary when she first saw him in restroom. I think the reporter in her will start to wonder why Healer is so interested in her not once but twice. How long will Jung Hoo be able to keep up the Clark Kent and Batman before our reporter snoops him out?


Amy: Moon Ho tried to bring up Jian in a hypothetical situation but her poor mom couldn’t even handle thinking about Jian being alive without her. She got so upset thinking about Jian being alone that she had a seizure. I understand why Moon Ho hasn’t just told her everything now. He needs to figure out a way to do it without upsetting Myung Hee too much. It will be hard to find that balance.

Tiara: I kept on yelling at the screen to Moon Ho to just show her the proof of Jian being alive. Poor Myung Hee couldn’t handle the hypothetical of if her daughter was alive. How is she going to react when she comes face to face with her alive daughter? Moon Ho is trying hard to make it up to his Noona. Fingers cross he takes Noona out of that house to bump into Young Shin.


Amy: Moon Ho found out that Jian’s grave and coffin were filled with stones when he got a call that her grave needed to be moved. He asked Hyung what would happen if Jian was still alive. Hyung said she can’t be because of Myung Hee. How evil can Hyung get? I’m not surprised but at the same time...Wow. He takes selfishness to a whole other level.

Tiara: It seems like Hyung knows what Moon Ho is doing. He’s hoping his little brother will finally join him on the darkside. (Only if they have cookies) As for Moon Ho, what is his plan? Is Moon Ho only trying to get Noona to forgive him with what happen in 1992? Hyung set everything in motion and broken up a mother and daughter. He fake her death just to own Myung Hee. If Young Shin is in trouble if Hyung finds out she’s really Jian. I just hope Mom finds her daughter before her creepy husband.


Amy: Fangirling will now commence. Eeeeee! Healer is worrying about Young Shin! Awww! This is just too cute. I don’t blame Hacker for telling Healer to stay away from her but I’m glad he isn’t going to run away and hide. He even said that he sees Young Shin as a little different in a sea of similar humans. Are we really going to get our love story? I hope so!

Tiara: I love how Ahjumma asks Jung Hoo ask if Young Shin is that pretty or sexy. Despite choking on his beer, he never denies either of the case. I agree Amy, I hope this is the love story. Young Shin and Jung Hoo is the love story done right where Hyung and Myung Hee is the love story done wrong. I do find it interesting how Hyung destroy friendships and probably evening killed to get the woman he wanted. Where Jung Hoo is Young Shin’s guardianing Angel.


Amy: Who? Who did you call Healer? Whoooooooo?! This guy has so many secrets. I can’t wait to figure everything out!

Tiara: He has his hands in all the cookie jars. I’m with you Amy, I can’t wait to slowly start to see behind the curtain and see all his evil deeds come to light. Things are going to get worse before they get better. However know there has been more than one Healer is interesting. I wonder which of the people in that photo use to be called Healer.


Amy: Too much cute! I love Healer’s alter ego. He is just so adorable acting cowardly and bumbling. I also love that Young Shin gave him a hug and called him adorable for calling the cops. I just love these two together! We also got to see Young Shin fixing up Healer’s hand and Healer eating her potato dish. Just so stinkin’ sweet!

Tiara: Ha!!! Wasn’t Dad hoping Young Shin would be introducing her would-be husband just a few episodes ago. Sure Clark Kent isn’t strong enough to take out a dozen guards but he sure does know how to call the cops and follow Young Shin’s directions. I love how Young Shin just praises him for doing what she told him.

It is the breakfast which is just heart warming. Young Shin can only make a few dishes and one of those dishes used to be his favorite. The poor puppy probably hasn’t ate with another soul in years.


Amy: That’s what you get for trying to send Moon Ho to the Philippines on a year old story! Trying to distract him from the construction company president is not going to work. Moon Ho is too smart for that. Sigh. I hope he can do what he really wants now and I really hope he finds a way to stand up to Hyung and help Noona find Jian.

Tiara: HAHA!!! Moon Ho doesn’t like being told what he can and can’t do. He has to watch his steps with his Hyung. Everyone else isn’t scary compare to his brother. Is Moon Ho going to tell Min Jae what he knows down the line or will he use her against his brother? Moon Ho isn’t a bad guy but he isn’t a good one either. I’m not sure how far he plans to take his fight with his Hyung.


Amy: Man. The construction company president is a real winner huh? Beating a woman in front of a reporter and then having the confidence to tell her to report on it? Does he think that she won’t? I can’t wait to see him get what’s coming to him! I was so proud of Young Shin when she called him a piece of trash despite barely being able to speak.

Tiara: What an SOB this guy happens to be. Beating up on people weaker than himself. The one thing out of this scene I loved Young Shin grabbing Jung Hoo and got him to safety. She may have been scared, but she was able to overcome her fear for her junior. He begged her to save him and she took action. She may not have beaten the President Hwang, but she got them to the car despite being afraid. Totally digging Young Shin with each episode.

What do you think Healers? Will Healer keep protecting Young Shin? Will Myung Hee find out that Jian is still alive? What other mysteries will we discover and who did Hyung call Healer before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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