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Amy: Healer is so awesome! Stole handcuffs from a police officer and chased Sang Soo to get information out of him. Could I have more of a crush on him? Probably not!

Tiara: The handcuffs were not the smartest thing to take. Someone is going to put two and two together. Yet, he is pretty awesome. He really needs to get his own utility belt with all these things in it. I don’t think Sang Soo’s owner is going to be super happy Healer was able to disarmed his man.


Amy: After the construction company president decided he is going to sue everyone and Min Jae is wanted for slander and defamation of character Young Shin decided that she is in over her head. Moon Ho didn’t respond favorably, however, so she thinks that she is back to square one but I think that Young Shin was misunderstanding Moon Ho. In my point of view he was just trying to get her to think clearly. What do you think?

Tiara: I’m not shock President Hwang is suing everyone. He’s a slime ball, but even Hyung’s lackey mentioned not everything can be covered up. Something will be uncovered and it will put the finale nail on the President’s coffin.

Moon Ho may have come across as harsh, but the truth does hurt. People don’t care about truth, but story. Young Shin stands her ground against the man she has idolized for years. She wants the truth to be told and he has the power to be able to tell it. Yes, he’s testing her. He wants to know how far she’s willing to go to tell the truth. It’s clear she has the spitfire of her mother in her.


Amy: Healer figured out that Moon Shik is behind everything and wants to get rid of him. I can’t say that I blame him. He’s been blamed for a murder he didn’t commit and he wants the person who did it punished. Did you notice that master was watching Healer? I wonder what he is going to do next. We also found out that Healer’s dad murdered someone for money and then killed himself because of the guilt. Healer thinks that it was an accident. Do you think Moon Shik was behind that too?

Tiara: It was only a matter of time before Jung Hoo figured out everything. It makes me wonder if Ahjumma and his Teacher were preparing him for finding out what happen so long ago or trying to protect him. Ahjumma used to be a detective. How come she left? Was it about the accident in 1992? I get the feeling Jung Hoo’s dad was probably set up to take the fall. Don’t know about you Amy, but I’m putting my money on Hyung being the one to turn on all his friends. Whatever happen in 1992 set everything in motion to where we are now.The drama’s setting the accident to be this big bad. Fingers cross the true story of the accident doesn’t disappoint.


Amy: Oooooooh! Young Shin is telling Healer about her two crushes. Her first and longest crush was on Moon Ho and now she has a crush on Healer! Hee hee! It’s too bad she also told Healer that his alter ego is like a brother to her. What is she going to do when she finds out that they are the same person?

Tiara: Ha!!! This is the story of Superman and Clark. Lois never liked Clark, but loved Superman. Yes, Young Shin will be angry with Jung Hoo when the truth comes out, but she’ll get over it.

I love the way the drama is weaving this story of a love triangle. The norm would’ve been Young Shin and her first love finding each other after so many years to be together. Healer is taking a different approach with the OTP not being first loves. Our OTP happens to be friends in childhood, but not first loves. It’s refreshing to see a twist to the idea of first loves.

I don’t know about you Amy, but I was fangirling the whole time with Young Shin confessing her feelings. I don’t think Healer was aware of her feelings towards him until this moment. He was taken back by the confession, but you can tell he was super giddy about it.


Amy: You are sooooo right, lady! This man is calling other people greedy and full of lust when he is the person behind so many evil things going on! He knows he’d lose his wife if she found out the truth but I hope that she does. This man. Sigh.

Tiara: Moon Shik is an interesting villain. I truly don’t think he wants phenomenal cosmic powers. I think he believes the work and decisions he’s making are for the greater good. He seemed genuine talking to Myung Hee, yet he could’ve been very good at telling her lies she wanted to hear. We know he isn’t a good guy with the hints about the things he has and would do. It’s clear he was a jealous man towards the Young Shin’s father and wanted Myung Hee for himself. Just how much blood is on his hands is the real question.


Amy: Moon Ho bought the building Same Day News is in and the paper itself! He is adding a video addition and wants Young Shin to be a part of it. He is definitely going to train her to be an awesome reporter. I’m excited to see where this goes!

Tiara: I kind of enjoyed Jung Hoo’s face. He’s not going to be a happy camper while Moon Ho is the boss. Ha!!! The episode had to end with Moon Ho buying out the Same Day News. Moon Ho’s plan is to show Young Shin the ropes about being a reporter. He owns her a debt for whatever he played in the 1992 accident. I’m not sure by helping Young Shin become a report will help Moon Ho feel like the debt has been paid. He isn’t doing much to protect Young Shin. I mean Hyung wants his little bro to join the darkside not buy his own paper. He’s going to find out why this paper which means Young Shin. Heck, he should just make a sign to say who Young Shin really is. 

What do you think Healers? Will our OTP's love be legendary? Will Young Shin be able to trust Moon Ho and look up to him again? What will happen to the construction company president? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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