As we slowly recover from last episode’s flail-inducing ending (although not necessarily from the cold), Tiara-unni, Amy-unni, and I invite you to join us as we discuss the progression of the lead romance. Bonus? Moon Ho turns on his anger switch.


A moment of confusion and shock

Tiara: Moon Ho called Young Shin, Ji Ahn. He’s not going to be able to keep the secret for much longer. He’s not going to be able to white lie his way out because sooner or later she’s going to find out. I’m very interested in how the drama plans for Young Shin to learn about her actual identity. Why do I get the feeling it’s going to turn into heartache and pain. No Drama, do not go down the river of tears.

On a side note, that was one heck of a kiss to stupefied her. That's one lucky girl. I’m a tad sad Young Shin didn’t break out into song and dance to cope with her ordeal. It may speak volumes to her comfort level being able to bust out into song. Our Healer might be having heart issues himself. Adorable.

Pamela and Amy, what do you think of Moon Ho’s white lie and our OTP’s shock?

Pamela: This week was full of moments for my Healing Life Ruiner to induce some heart issues on my end, and Jung Hoo saving Young Shin and salvaging her cell phone makes me all the more anxious for when his double life is revealed. He and Moon Ho will have a lot of explaining to do, and both men are putting off the inevitable day when Young Shin finds out everything. Moon Ho’s lie is less him doing his job (as Jung Hoo is trying to do) as he is more so protecting Young Shin (as is Jung Hoo) and waiting for the secret-child information to explode. I also thought just now about what you guys brought up last week: how Moon Ho is helping Young Shin and deluding himself because she is Ji An. His little name slip-up adds a bit more support to that. Even so, Jung Hoo won this Save-The-Female-Lead battle. (But who will win the Tear-Up-The-Audience battle? haha)

Amy: Everyone was all shaken up after that incident and I can’t say that I blame them. I’m pretty sure Young Shin will figure out what is going on soon. I don’t know how much longer these boys can keep their secrets. I don’t think I’ll like it when Helaer’s secret comes out because it will cause trouble for our OTP and that will make me sad. I love it when they are all cutesy! I think Young Shin was a little weireded out with Moon Ho’s strong reaction. She thinks of him as a stranger, an idol that she admires and for him to react like that was probably way too strange for her.


“To try trusting just once, which would lead to gradually trusting more.”

Tiara: I love this scene of seeing a young and abused Ji An being coaxed to come out of her hiding spot by Dad. I understand the fun and oddball relationship between Daughter and Dad now. The dancing and being goofy, totally makes sense why she comes across as silly. It’s a ritual for these two to express themselves by singing and dancing. Dad taught Young Shin to be ridiculous and not allow these feelings to take root. Totally makes me love Dad and am thankful she found a terrific family to have taken her in.

Pamela: I appreciate this relationship so much more now that we’ve seen the backstory, too. Young Shin is a character now who is so comfortable and free with herself, and how her dad influenced that growth makes the silliness that much cuter.

Amy: This scene melted my heart. What an awesome dad! He would not give up on Young Shin and showered her with love. Just too stinkin’ sweet! I love their relationship so it was definitely nice to see how their silliness started and it made me love them more.


Brother Against Brother

Tiara: Wow, I don’t believe we’ve seen Moon Ho angry. I don’t know about you two, but I’m kind of scared of Moon Ho. The way he just pulled Secretary Oh around like a stuff toy makes me concern over his boiling point. I can see him doing something he shouldn’t do and justify his actions as a good caused. He’s in so much emotional turmoil with knowing his brother could harm his Noona’s child and how he can’t tell her the truth. He’s truly stuck between a hard place and a rock.

Pamela: Both he and Creepyung are in that place. (See? I didn’t forget my nickname, haha…) I would like to say that I don’t think that Moon Ho would go as far as to commit something too malicious and say that the ends justify the means, but he and a few of the other male characters might be on that brink. He is freer since taking on leadership of Some Day News, but he is also constricted because of the fears of his brother’s actions and of Young Shin’s and Myung Hee’s reactions.

Amy: I’m not afraid of Moon Ho yet. To me it looked like the secretary was letting Moon Ho drag him around, like he expected it and was playing along with it. Moon Ho has been tortured by what happened to Young Shin for the majority of his life but doesn’t feel like he can do anything because of Hyung. That is what I’m assuming anyway. I think that once they tried to harm Young Shin Moon Ho just lost it (understandably) and decided not to put up with Hyung’s evil ways anymore.


Late Night Confessions Part II

Tiara: The late night call from the phone booth could’ve come across as cheesy. Instead of a cheesy moment, we’re given such a sweet and heartfelt scene. It tickles me Jung Hoo has to compete with himself for Young Shin’s affections. These phone calls are only helping him fall more head over heels in love with her. He may not understand the feelings, but he went back to her lost phone. Young Shin also told a lie by telling Bong Soo, he was number 19. Young Shin likes the mystery and strength of Healer, but she also likes being about to confide in Bong Soo. Will she be able to see more than the dorky Bong Soo and see the Healer underneath?

Pamela: This man needs to step up his game if he doesn’t want to lose Young Shin to himself, doesn’t he? He’s been slipping out of his goofball disguise a lot lately. We viewers like to compare the drama to City Hunter, but this is one of the contrasting points: Jung Hoo’s character slips between his two identities so easily and suddenly, more so that Yoon Sung. Because Jung Hoo makes more direct and more comfortable contact with Young Shin as well, whether he’s Bong Soo or Jung Hoo, the relationship seems to be...warmer. I mean “warmer” in an ironic sense, because wow, they spend so much time outside together that they need their chemistry to keep away the cold!

Amy: They do spend way too much time outside in the cold. I’m glad they have their chemistry to keep them warm. I loved this phone call. You could see Bong Soo falling in love and it was adorable. Get your girl!


Moon Ho and Detective Yoon’s beautiful relationship

Tiara: This isn’t going to be good. Detective Yoon is now tailing Young Shin which means the police will be investigating all those close to her. I’m sort of mad at you Moon Ho for shaking hands with the Detective. I mean I get the reason behind it. He doesn’t know Healer isn’t completely immoral. Plus, he also doesn’t know Healer has a association with Moon Ho and Young Shin. Which makes me wonder how Moon Ho will react to learning Bong Soo and Healer’s true identity is Jung Hoo.

Pamela: I’m just slightly terrified for when that time comes. I am also just a tad annoyed with Moon Ho, but he misunderstands that Healer is [too beautiful to become a villain] wanting to protect Young Shin, too, and is not a murderer. With Detective Yoon investigating Young Shin and her surroundings, my main fear is that those misunderstandings will make the investigation very biased as he looks for the Healer around Young Shin.

Amy: Moon Ho is just doing what he thinks is right to protect Young Shin. I get it but I don’t want Healer to be found out too soon! Detective Yoon just needs to stay out.


“Let’s get famous”

Tiara: A pretty clever idea. Instead of hiding Young Shin, let’s get her so famous the risk of getting arrested for trying to kill her goes up. Good move Moon Ho, good move. This is one makeover scene, I will watch over and o'er again. Our OTP is just down right adorable. The ruggedly handsome Jung Hoo didn’t need the makeover, but I enjoyed the fan-service nonetheless. The drama did a great job to not just make him be surprised by Young Shin being able to clean up nice. I love how Young Shin gives him a once over and a failed wolf whistle as her approval over his transformation. It’s like these two are a team and partners in the true sense of the word. Let’s take a moment and appreciate the pretty before us.

Pamela: I keep laughing to myself over how “slick” Jung Hoo is, but Moon Ho is pretty clever. He was also pretty clever to set up that makeover for us. Jung Hoo was acting so adorably adamant about not being dressed up, but it was a makeover scene I never knew would make me so happy. The revealing of Jung Hoo’s and Young Shin’s transformations was done really well, I agree. There’s a mutual aspect to their relationship - although his goofy undercover impression could have something to do with it - and watching them watch each other is a beautiful thing to watch. And yes, I did that just to see how many times I could repeat that word in one sentence.

Amy: I really really really like Jung Hoo’s hair like that. I’m just sayin’. It’s nice. His reaction to Young Shin was so adorable but Young Shin was cuter. I just love them together. So much cute!



As we resist the urge to rope Ji Chang Wook to us with a vine at the end of episode nine, what do you all think of the aftermath of the “snow kiss”? Will Jung Hoo figure out how to be happy with Young Shin? Will Moon Ho keep calm and revenge on? Will Ahjumma ever come out of her computer lair again? What do Elder and Creepyung have in store? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below!