Funny thing about Heirs, I'm not worried about our OTP at all. Are you? I mean, just look at them.

They already lived together (twice, if you count California).



Admitted feelings.

Even *gasp* discussed why they can't be together!

Sure, Kim Tan didn't agree with Eun Sang's perfectly rational excuse for not dating, but at least girl said it loud and clear. Other kdrama heroines would have acted like a Noble Idiot and pretended to like Young Do or faked amnesia by now.

I think this OTP deserves props for being more honest with each other than 98% of other kdrama couples out there. At the rate their relationship is going, they might as well end on episode 16 and turn 17-20 into Heirs: The Adventures of Myung Soo. Because who doesn't love this kid?

(Hello, I'm Mary from Kdrama Laws and I'm Team Woo Bin Young Do all the way. I'll try not to let my bias show this week... BUT! He's such a gentleman! He bullies Eun Sang's bullies, broods in their Shared Convenience Store Plastic Table of Fate, AND stalks her old house. He even tripped her! That's like first base for immature cavemen like him! <3)

Ok. Ok. Enough about my irrational Woo Bin love. Let's talk about other things instead, since the OTP is looking fine at this point anyway.

Take Ki Ae who finally gets to play "Mom" this week, even if it's for the wrong kid. I was cackling and fist-pumping so much when she showed up at that PTA meeting and out-snobbed the snobby moms. Just in time too, since Eun Sang was about to be outed as part of the Social Care Group.

Now they just think she's the daughter of a loan shark. Which apparently is a good thing in this School For The Rich. Because that makes complete sense, right? RIGHT?!

Meanwhile, Yoon is about to graduate from being Secretary-zoned. *throws confetti* He's getting the upper hand now, gaining confidence (and self-awareness) after witnessing the lengths to which Chairman is cock-blocking the Kim Tan <3 Eun Sang and Won <3 Hyun Joo pairings.

I wish Yoon would upgrade his taste in women though. Marrying the person who gave birth to the Devil's Spawn (see: Rachel) isn't exactly a good decision. At least he gets to play elevator-tag with Chairman's Stalker-For-Hire? That's gotta be more fun than dating Esther!

Let's not forget Won, who's still completely unpredictable this week. I mean, how can you be so decent to Eun Sang and cute with Rachel, THEN ignore those pesky human feelings every time you kick your puppy little bro to the curb?! And I can't believe you chose Jeguk Group over Hyun Joo! Hyun Joo was the only thing going for you aside from your cheekbones! Lose one of them and I'm no longer on your side.

Everybody jump ship to Team Hyo-shin. Aaah... Hyo-shin: the only guy who can survive Rachel's Laser Beam of Hate (while snacking on red ginseng, natch!)

And finally, who else laughed at Young Do's not-a-hug at the end of Episode 10? Uhm... one arm is not enough to hold a girl (who hates your guts) in place. Just sayin'. A well-placed knee can completely incapacit--- What I meant was, I suppose Eun Sang doesn't want to escape Young Do's hugs, anyway. Because she's a girl after my own heart.

What about you? Are you Team Kim Tan or Team Young Do? Or do you think Eun Sang should forget boys and just study hard to get that international scholarship (... mom? Is that you?)

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