Hello Drama Club readers! I’m Kayla and this is my first time participating in a Drama Club and I am THRILLED to be reviewing Heirs (AGGHHHH!). I just finished City Hunter so I am in serious Lee Min Ho mode. I am perfectly happy to stare at that guy for the next 20 episodes!

I love seeing the Korean portrayal of LA (sketchy neighborhoods! Busty blonds in bikinis!) and surf culture. Heirs opens on Kim Tan’s exile in California and his blond bestie is basically a dumping ground for every surfer stereotype ever. He even steals a bag of bean powder because he thinks it’s drugs. I happen to know a lot of surfers (I even married one) and I can tell you that none of them are anything like this guy.

Aside from Awful Surfer Dude, episode 1 totally hooked me.

Heirs has got a LOT of characters going on. Multiple families, servants, school chums. And a guy who reminds me of a vampire.

I’d really like to see what happens to Vampire Guy’s fancy hair after it encounters his motorcycle helmet.

I love that Eun Sang has a very Eun Chan-y vibe. Hard working, no nonsense girls supporting their families FTW! My favorite moment from episode 1, however, came when Eun Sang saw the busty bikini babes at the beach and then surveyed her own chest situation.

Questions for the ages, Eun Sang. Questions for the ages.

Episode two opens with a whole lot of Kim Tan being creepy and asking about Eun Sang’s kidneys. Why must they always start out so WEIRD?

(they're talking about recycling. I feel like clarification is in order here.)

Then Park Jun Keum shows up and I am SURE she is thanking her lucky stars that the wardrobe and hair people for Heirs are different than the ones that handled Secret Garden. I mean, sure, she’s playing a grumpy jilted wife, but at least she’s not dressed like a weird old lady doll.

Hm. I may have spoken too soon. She stood up and…this?

That’s a lot of thigh.


Less than halfway through episode 2 and he’s already got that loving feeling! That was fast! Usually we have to wait like 10 episodes for the long, meaningful stares and swelling music.

Also, can we talk about the fact that HE FACEBOOK STALKED HER.

One of the things I really like about KDrama is how technology often plays such a big part. The story lines may be a tad ridiculous but the fact that they are all GLUED to their phones and get annoyed when someone doesn't text back within thirty seconds feels realistic to me. Much more so than some American shows where everyone is oddly cell phone-less and you're wondering, "What universe do these people live in??" I don't care what country you're from- the average 18-year-old boy, upon meeting a cute girl, will jump on Facebook and start doing some research.

And, of course, this is KDrama so the episode ends with meaningful staring (and some scene discontinuity. Anyone else notice that they kept changing rows?).

As someone who is used to binge watching older KDramas on Netflix and DramaFever, this 2 episode a week schedule is going to kill me. I have to wait a WHOLE WEEK to watch more? How do people live like this??

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