Vivi: Whew. I feel strangely out of breath after watching those episodes. I laughed, I cried--wait, no, I mostly just laughed, but it was an intense experience after so much buildup!

Erica: I know I was left breathless with episode 2 ending on a declaration like that! I think my heart will be permanently stuck in my throat until episode 3 gets aired.

Kayla: I really was sitting there like, “Wait...what? Did he just say that??” If they’re already handing us the romance, what on earth is going to happen with those two over the next 18 episodes?? I sense some crazy plot lines heading our way...

I sense a LOT of this in our future. So close, yet so far! Surrounded by trash! (So subtle)

I sense a LOT of this in our future. So close, yet so far! Surrounded by trash! (So subtle)

Erica: Oh yeah, that couple will probably be ripped apart at least 3 or 4 times over the course of the series.

Vivi: There are certainly plenty of cast members just sitting on the sidelines so far, waiting for their chance to jump in and create problems for a few episodes at a time!

Like this guy. By the time he showed up being all broody and powerful, I had already used up my capacity to remember all of the broody and rich people. Why is he important again?

Vivi: For the combined post this week, let’s talk favorites, shall we? Specifically, who was your favorite side character and why? There are SO MANY characters on this show that I was having a hard time keeping everyone straight. I feel like the widowed (I think?) mom who can’t speak is the obvious sympathy grab, but I can’t be manipulated like that! You hear that, writers? You can’t buy my tears with your handmade bean powder!

Nah, instead I’m going to go with the angry first wife who--apparently--is still the first wife? I don’t know. The whole thing was super confusing, but she was wearing a sassy hair ribbon for an old lady, so I’m sold. Almost everyone seems kind of villainous anyway, so it’s the little things that count.

Anyone who can boss people around in this ensemble gets mad respect.

Erica: Funnily enough, my favorite side character is Kim Tan’s mom, the mistress/concubine/second wife. I totally dig her neo-flapper style (the red lips!), and for some reason, I crack up at people who drink their dinner (Grumpy Old Men anyone?). Also, she is super sassy and shamelessly eavesdropped. That’s my type of woman. I’m pumped for her and the first wife to go at it - I foresee many great one-liners from those two.

Only second wives are ballsy enough to wear that kind of lipstick.

Kayla: There are SO many side characters, it’s hard to choose!I think I might like Tan’s older brother though. He came across as really cold but I’m sure there’s more to the story. I am excited to get to know him better! I think he’s just a tortured soul under a lot of pressure since he’s being groomed to take over his father’s company. I bet he comes around! I’m also with Erica though- the second wife is super intriguing!

The first (of presumably many) threat of the series! Huzzah!

Vivi: So what you're saying is that none of us like the nice people? That's reassuring! I also enjoyed the concubine and her bright red lips. Either the half-brother will have some sort of sob story to take the edge off, or he will just take the angry bus all the way to Crazy Town. I kind of like when they go all out with villains. I don’t want to feel sorry for him halfway through! I want him to (unsuccessfully) try to murder people!

Erica: I say he goes absolutely berserk (I too love an unredeemable character. I want my villains to be BAD) and Kim Tan returns to Korea to save the day. How else are they gonna bring him back?

Vivi: And if we're being really honest, what we're most concerned about is getting all of these characters onto the same continent, right? Can't wait to see if this week fulfills our wishes!

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