Ooo-weee! There is some DRAMA all up in the Kim household! Eun Sang has officially denied Tan, and Myung Soo’s gorgeous hair is back! Also, it seems like all the secrets in this show were revealed in these last two episodes - it was quite the week Heirs Land!

Let’s play “Caption This!” to recap Episode 11, as told through stills of my favorite secondary and tertiary characters (because those are the only ones I care to watch. #sorrynotsorry):

Hyo Shin to Tan: “You silly little minx! Staying out all night with Eun Sang when your fiancee is waiting for you. Scandalous! And yes, I'm always this beautiful.”

Young Do to Eun Sang: “I’m making a really valid point about how dating Tan would make you a mistress, like his mom, but I’m doing it in a really jerk-y way when I really should be leaning in for some suga' right now.”

Myung Soo: “Don’t hate me because I’m fabulous.” Young Do: “You’re a damn fool. And I love you.”

Won to Secretary Yoon: “How could you betray me when we both look so fly in our suits?!?!?”

Hee Nam to Tan: “Boy, ain’t nobody got time for your shenanigans. Now stay away from my daughter.”

Young Do: “Am I not turtle-y enough for the Turtle Club?”

Welp, that was Episode 11!

Episode 12 began with Tan, Eun Sang, and Young Do standing in a love-triangle (again), and Eun Sang turned down Tan, even though they had shared a really romantic evening in Episode 11. In her defense, she is homeless now thanks to him. (Madame Han found out about them and kicked Eun Sang out as we all knew would happen.)

The middle of Episode 12 was a lot like Twilight - lots of longing stares between Edward and Bella, I mean, Tan and Eun Sang. There was also verbal sparring (again) between Tan and Young Do (obvs) that led to more meaningful stares full of hatred and maybe love? They do say those two go hand-in-hand...

Young Do: "I look like I'm about to kiss you, and all of fandom would die if I actually did." Or at least I would!

And finally, Episode 12 ended with Tan revealing, in front of his father, fake mom, Rachel, and Esther, that Madame Han is his birth mother! Mommy-dearest (er...both of them) was less than happy, but I commend Tan for this. *claps for Tan* Yes, this might result in some financial troubles for him and his mom, but think about it - if he had never outed his mom, she wouldn't have been able to go to his wedding. She wouldn't be the grandma to his kids. How awful! I’m glad that truth is out now, and you KNOW that there will be all sorts of fall-out in Episode 13. Can’t wait to see it!

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