So stop me if everyone has already talked about this – actually no. Don’t stop me because I just have to get it off my chest: How is Eun Sang’s hair so shiny and perfect all the time? I can’t stop staring at it. And why is chairwoman, or as I like to call her, Fake Mom, so certifiably nuts in both appearance and mannerism? Seriously, who styled her?! She is completely crazy! These are my overriding questions on this journey we call HEIRS.

But so much happened this week so let’s get into it! Young Do comes to terms with his crush on Eun Sang. Tan and Eun Sang continue their rousing game of “Will They or Won’t They?”. Young Do pushes Eun Sang into a pool. Tan’s Fake Mom and Real Mom have a showdown in the face of Rachel’s visit. Young Do learns the truth about who Eun Sang is. Kim Tan reveals to Rachel and her mother that he is an illegitimate son.

Since our leads have already admitted their feelings for each other less than halfway through the drama, I wonder what obstacles will hinder their happy ending for the next eight episodes or so.In my eyes though, the two best things that this drama has going for it right now are that the plot is moving along at a brisk pace, and the side stories are much better (and more numerous) then they probably have to be.

One of my favorite little side stories is the relationship between Eun Sang’s mom and Tan’s (real) mom. Madame Han/Real Mom is a character that could have easily gone the other way in terms of portrayal, but she’s one of my favorite characters actually. Her dynamic with Mama Hee Nam is hilarious and genuine to their situation. They’re both trapped in that household together by their life circumstances and have developed an unlikely friendship that I hope will play a role later on in the drama. And now that Tan has let the cat out of the bag about his real mother, I hope Madame Han will play a more active role in the plot going forward.

I’m also very interested to learn more about Won’s part of the story (and not just because Choi Jin Hyuk is super sexy). His fear of losing his spot at the top of the Jeguk Group to Tan seems largely manufactured in his head, as Tan has repeatedly assured Won that he has no interest in taking over the company. As much as Won’s relationship with Tan shows his steel-cold business side, Hyun Joo brings out his warmth – even in front of the harsh chairman. I hope we get to see more of the back story there, and a future for them as well since I have a sneaky feeling his love for Hyun Joo will be his redemption.

What are your favorite side stories so far? And where do you hope they lead? Let us know in the comments below!

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