Finishing episode 12 with a shot of Tan and Eun Sang crying in the street? Unfair, Heirs. Unfair. SO many emotional ups and downs this week! So much yelling at my screen!


Aw, Tan. You are so precious. But where the freak did you find a VW BUS WITH TRAILER in the span of like an hour?? It’s always here my behind. I call shenanigans.

I burst out laughing at his confusion when she was smiling and happy. Poor bewildered Tan. Not sure what to do with a happy and content Eun Sang who wants to snuggle him by the fireside.

Speaking of confusion…I kind of liked Young Do this week.

I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Taking care of Eun Sang!

Revenge on her behalf!

Not to mention THIS FACE when she asked how he was holding up after news about his dad’s marriage broke.

He looks way younger without that cocky sneer on his face. Young and vulnerable and I just want to pat him on the head and maybe give him a cookie and tell him it’ll be ok. And also apologize for calling him Vampire Young Do for the past 5 weeks.

AND WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THIS?? Ugh, Young Do, I hate you for making me like you.

And can we talk about THIS.

This scene made me feel SO GUILTY. It’s like it dredged up all the old guilt I felt when I got caught being naughty as a teenager. THANKS FOR MAKING ME RELIVE THAT, HEIRS. But I’m so glad that Eun Sang reached out to Bo Na. That girl is kind of my dark horse favorite. I expected her to annoy me the whole series but instead I’ve come to really love her. She and Chan Young are little rays of sunshine in this show and I love them for it.

Episode 12 was pretty much heartbreak after heartbreak. Eun Sang refusing Tan’s hand. Won’s discovery about his father’s tampering with his love life. Young Do’s face when Eun Sang admitted to liking Tan. Rachel’s face when she thought Tan was acting like a normal fiancé and then him letting her down.

And THEN. Tan’s big confession. The Chairman slapping him. Madame Han begging. Tan crying in the street with homeless Eun Sang.

Ugh I can’t handle this episode.

Everything is broken. YOU BETTER MAKE THIS OK, HEIRS.

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