Erica: We are over halfway done with Heirs at this point, and our OTP has been through a lot! Especially these past two episodes! Tan and Eun Sang were found out by Madame Han, Eun Sang got kicked out of the house, and now Tan has revealed that he’s an illegitimate child. Whew!

Erica: So let’s talk about this heavy stuff that happened - was Madame Han out of line for kicking out Eun Sang? And what do you think about Tan revealing his parentage - his reasons, the ramifications, etc.?

Kayla: I get Madame Han’s reasons for kicking Eun Sang out. They live in a super traditional culture and her son is already engaged to someone else. You can’t exactly let the love interest continue to live under the same roof (although that is a little bit like the pot calling the kettle black).

Erica: Good point! I hadn't even thought of that! Madame Han got all upset over Eun Sang, and it's’s what you are doing.

Martina: I’m very curious to see how Rachel and her mom will react. They will be affronted for sure that the Kim family tried to dupe them into accepting an illegitimate child. I’m not sure if Esther is interested in spreading the news though, since she has her own place in society to keep up. As for Rachel, I think she could go both ways. She might struggle with the idea at first but I think she will try to find a way to keep the engagement on, or help Tan out another way.

Erica: Now that the Chairman has recognized Tan as his son in front of the board of Jeguk Group, a marriage to Tan will still be advantageous for Rachel. I know Tan will hope that the Lees will want to break off the engagement now that they know, but I doubt they actually will.

Kayla: I am SO proud of Tan for coming clean about his parentage. I’m sure the consequences will be unpleasant but I really do believe that honesty is the best policy and Rachel and Esther needed to know.

Martina: Revealing this secret frees Tan in a few ways. Having a secret this magnitude all his life must have weighed heavily on him. He doesn’t need to worry about Young Do having this secret on him (though Tan didn’t seem to be too concerned in the first place). He is hoping to be free of the engagement, though we’ll see about that. And he’s free to let everyone know who his real mother is - because let’s face it, who would want to be related to the scary chairwoman?! And maybe he hopes that Won will finally be convinced that Tan doesn’t want to be head of Jeguk Group.

Erica: Wouldn't it be nice if revealing the secret made life easier for Tan? But we have seven more episodes left in Heirs, so obviously it's only going to make it worse! Wednesday shall be interesting!

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