Introspection, physical altercations, and most shocking of all, the TRUTH are what made Episode 14 a great episode. I laughed, I cried, and I once again affirmed my love for Chan Young and Bo Na. I have so many feels for this episode that need to be discussed, but first, let’s talk about my Episode 13 feels, which can be summed up by one picture:

Me and the owl - we are

Nothing in this episode was new. Eun Sang and Tan spending the night together, Tan and Young Do fighting, Rachel being a conniving slimeball - seen it all before. Other than a few funny bits, the only aspect of Episode 13 that stood out to me was the bromances. Who doesn’t love a good bromance? Only soul-less robots, that’s who! So when this happened:

Cuties! All of them

And then this:

Aww! Brotherly Bonding! well, sorta...

I couldn’t get enough!

Disclaimer: I might have enjoyed that scene with Tan and Won because I was the annoying little sibling trying to talk while the older sibling slept not all that long ago (Ok, it was like 20 years ago. Humor me.). I like to imagine Tan as a kid going “Won! Won! Won! Won!” and then Won finally replying, “What, TAN?!?” and Tan sweetly saying, “Good night!” #presh

Now to Episode 14 - it really surprised me with the depth and introspection of some of the characters, particularly Young Do. I’ve always had a soft-spot for Young Do, as I do all 2nd male leads, but when he revealed that it’s himself he really hates, not Tan, and that he’s willing to make everyone hate him to protect Eun Sang, I maybe shed a tear or two for our dear Young Do.

Sacrificing himself for his lady love!

Rachel, on the other hand, oh dear...Rachel! I had started to feel a smidgen bad for her, what with her fiance openly dating another girl and all. But then, Ray-ray went all cray-cray, and I just can’t even with her any more. I don’t know what’s worse - the way Rachel is treating Eun Sang or her wide-eyed, robotic acting.

Briefly, I thought this was Eun Sang talking to Rachel because out of the two of them, the crazy b*tch definitely isn't Eun Sang...

Thankfully, no one; Eun Sang, Tan, Bo No, etc.; is putting up with Rachel’s machinations. Did you see that slap?! Way to go, Eun Sang!

Which brings me to the heart-warming end of Episode 14 of Eun Sang announcing the (semi) truth about her Social Care Group status, and the students, after Tan’s example, accepting her. They still don’t know about her mom being Tan’s housemaid, and I’m sure that knowledge won’t be as readily forgiven. In the meantime, let’s enjoy an episode that DIDN’T end with love triangle standoff. Cheers to Episode 14!

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