I take back every nice thing I’ve ever thought or said about Rachel.

But let’s start from the beginning.

Despite the fact that Eun Sang and her impossibly shiny hair have generally proven to have superhuman levels of self-control, Tan is still confused about why she is not always on the verge of making out with him.

Since his wardrobe has markedly improved over the past few episodes (loved that tuxedo shirt!) I’m back to wondering the same thing.

They spent yet another very chaste night together, this time in Myung Soo’s loft. And THIS time there was a witness! And he was hilariously smug about it.

Oh Myung Soo. Never change.

Also, it appears that Eun Sang has finally committed BUT FOR REALS THIS TIME GUYS. Erica and I had an argument over gchat about this because I was like YAY and she was like *eye roll* because haven’t we been here before?

Yes we have and I don’t care. Hugging for everyone!

And hand-holding!


If you weren’t thoroughly scandalized by that scene then you haven’t been watching enough Kdrama lately.

These episodes also gave me a pretty serious hope for a brotherly reconciliation between Won and Tan. The fact that Won didn’t just immediately turn his homeless brother out onto the street like I expected is a good sign. Brotherly hug time?

And then there was…Rachel.

I guess I can’t really expect her to give up her fiancé without a fight but I didn’t expect her to turn into a vengeful, obsessive, crazy person.

Yeah, guys don’t tend to beg for marriage with screechy, demanding biotches who attack the women they love. Just a thought.

Eun Sang refuses to be sucked into The Crazy and, bless her, SLAPPED RACHEL.

Best part of the series so far.

And then she outed herself on her own terms before Rachel could drag her through the mud. I am loving all the truth telling these past few episodes. Their secrets were stressing me out and it’s so much better having them out in the open!

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