Confession time: I’m a little bit sad that Eun Sang was found so quickly in Episode 17.

Hear me out! hear me out!

The reason I wish she hadn’t be found within the first 30 minutes is because Tan and Young Do working together filled my heart with joy. What a perfect, investigating duo! In fact, Tan and Young Do reminded me of another pair of detective hotties. Sherlock!


Young Do would obviously be Sherlock because Kim Woo Bin and Benedict Cumberbatch both have those smooth, deep voices that I could listen to for a long, long time. And let’s face it, Tan is too moral to be Sherlock, but Young Do? Just enough of a bad boy to do what it takes to solve the crime or protect his lady love (a.k.a. Eun Sang).

Myung Soo is clearly Lestrade in this whole Heirs-Sherlock mash-up; he’s the cute, bumbling comic relief that doesn’t really know what’s going on, but you can’t help but love him. Hmm, the internet might explode if this mash-up ever happens, but if it does, I claim copyright!

Anyway, let’s get back to this week’s Heirs episodes - Eun Sang ran away, and there was crying. She was found, and there was crying. She returned, and there was crying. Unfortunately, those tears did little to move me because my gosh! You’ve known this person for like 2 seconds and you are 18-years-old and life goes on and learn to deal with it! (I also hate Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story for the same reasons.) This couple has spent more time apart and sad than they have together and happy, so unfortunately, I just.don’ Hate me if you wish, but it’s the truth!

And I don't find stalking to be romantic, just incredibly creepy.

The rest of the Kim family drama, however, I am invested in. Can we all agree that the Chairman needs to be punched? Like, really, really hard? When he said those things to Madame Han, I wanted to throttle him!! And how he’s dealing with Tan? I think Won’s blessed face says it all:

It says "my father is a real d-bag."


Admittedly, I don’t really buy them as a couple (again, only ever shown them in the depths of despair with each other), BUT I always enjoy a scandalous scene, as tame as they are in k-dramas.

So! We have two episodes left, and I’m thinking/hoping that it’s all focused on the Tan/Young Do and the Jeguk Group storylines because the last 10 minutes of episode 18 were the best - Madame Han is on the run, and Young Do helped her and Tan escape. Too bad we had to experience about an hour and half of teary stares to get there.

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