Erica: Here we are, only 2 episodes left in Heirs. As much as I’m conflicted over how I feel about this drama, I am a bit sad to say goodbye, mostly to Young Do’s eyebrows and Won’s cheekbones. I’ll definitely miss those the most.

Zombie: Honestly, I’m going to miss Young Do the most. He’s come such a long way since the beginning, I’d love to see his story continue in a spin-off...maybe with him as the head of Zeus, and his love interest could be the young, new owner of his favorite shack shop...just a thought. I don’t really care how that story goes as long as he met a feisty yet sensitive girl who won’t take any of his crap and at the same time is able to see through his tough exterior, straight into his heart and finds a way to heal his many wounds. Yeah, that seriously needs to become a drama, like now!

Are you talking to me? Because, YES! YES I DO!

Kayla: I’m with Erica. Won’s cheekbones are the best part of this whole thing! And Hyo Shin’s whole face. Sweet mercy that boy has a good face.

Erica: Obviously, the only question on everyone’s mind right now is “how will it end?” It seems like Tan and Eun Sang have already achieved their happy-ever-after, but what will happen to the rest of our characters in the last two episodes?

Zombie: I’m sure Tan and Eun Sang will still have a few obstacles to overcome but for the most part, they’ve found their happy ending. I can see Young Do and Tan’s friendship mending over time and I’m sure once he’s over the pain of losing his first love, his friendship with Eun Sang will also strengthen. Of course Chan Young and Bo Na are going to live “happily ever after” and I can see Rachel and Hyo Shin doing the same (as soon as they realize they’re pretty much perfect for each other). I predict the Chairman will keel over sooner rather than later and Won will inherit everything he’s been after for all these years, at which point he’ll marry Hyun Joo and they too will live “happily ever after.” Once Won gets everything he’s ever wanted, he’ll stop being a jerk to Tan and become the ideal older brother. If Esther Lee is smart, she’ll stop trying to marry for money and marry Jae Hoo, though I can see Jae Hoo earning a top spot in the Jeguk Group once Won takes over, so maybe she’ll get lucky and be able to marry for money and love. I’d love to see Young Do’s dad carted off to prison just because he’s an awful jerk and I think Young Do would be better off without him. I think that after suffering through eighteen episodes of heartbreak and tears, we’ll be rewarded with a “happily ever after” ending for most of our beloved characters. *fingers crossed*

Erica: I like to think that Madame Han will find another sugar daddy, but one who actually loves her and appreciates her, and she hires Hee Nam to run the household. I envision those two women growing old together in companionable bliss, tearing apart feather pillows and drinking their dinners.

Kayla: I’m over here mostly just hoping the chairman drops dead of SOMETHING. I’m not picky. Pneumonia would be handy but necrotizing fasciitis would also do the trick. I don’t think his sons can ever be truly happy as long as that dude is around.

And we already told you - no one wants you around!

Zombie: I was kind of hoping Tan would hide Madame Han out in no-man’s land with Hee Nam. It’d be fun to see the two of them trying to live together in such a tiny house while Madame Han adjusts to life without endless resources. As far as Madame Han’s future, I’d rather see her living as a free and independent woman rather than one strapped to yet another Chairman. I think after spending so many years under the Chairman’s thumb, she’d be happier living on her own. At one point in her life, she was capable of taking care of herself, I think it’d be great to have her find that side of herself again so she can live a freer and happier life.

Kayla: I agree- I’d love to see Madame Han running her own business (with that fab hair and red lips she should be a nightclub owner or something) and living her own life free and out in the open. Preferably with Hee Nam beside her giving her the guidance she needs when she needs to investigate someone or when she needs to lift fingerprints off something or whatever else that crazy awesome housemaid has in her bag of tricks.

We all just want the best for you, Madame Han!

Erica: So it's decided! A Young Do spin-off and Madame Han and Hee Nam taking on the world together, preferably with a large stock of red lipstick. Only two more days until we find out if this happens!

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