We are super thrilled to have Betsy with us this week as we wrap up HEIRS drama club with episodes 19 and 20!

I can’t even believe it’s the last week! What ever shall I do with my life now that we’re done with longing stares between Eun Sang and Kim Tan and no more territorial staring between Kim Tan and Young Do? WHO WILL DO THE STARING??

(seriously though, note to writers: the levels of staring here were unnecessary. WE GOT IT)

SO. Without further griping, let’s discuss.

I frantically jabbed my keyboard for a screenshot riiiight here.

Heirs, you have officially peaked. Won and his cheekbones in a tux? I never need anything else out of life.

Except, oh, MAYBE A HAPPY ENDING FOR WON. I require a whole entire new drama focusing completely on Won and his life and it better have a happy ending or SO HELP ME. I get that it’s realistic for him to go along with what his father chose for him because love doesn’t buy firewood or whatever, but it’s not like I watch Kdrama for the realism. I want happy endings, dangit!


One ending I CAN get behind, though, is Madame Han and Hee Nam.

This is my favorite relationship within the show, hands down. These sweet women were kind of sad and alone but then they found each other and it just about the sweetest friendship ever. I love that in Tan’s 10 years daydream he had them standing together being argumentative over silly things just like always.

And Young Do. OH Young Do!

I spent a good three quarters of this show REALLY disliking this guy and then he’s ended up being the most well written and thought-out character in this show. His redemptive process has been wonderful to watch and when he reunited with his mom I actually got a little watery.

And then there was all the apologizing and I was like, “Awesome, but out of character…” and then there was this moment and I was like, “Ah, THERE you are, Young Do.

As for Ji Suk, holy dark horse bad guy! I mean, I’ve never loved her but the whole undermining her family thing sort of came out of nowhere.

I mean, your husband is in a coma. Give the guy a chance to come around before you start trying to pull a hostile takeover.

She got what she deserved though.


I loved how Hyo Shin escaped his evil overlord parents. You can’t fight the Korean army! And, of course, Chan Young and Bo Na will get their happily-ever-after. Because they are them and they are like a walking pair of sunshiney rainbow unicorns. Rachel and her mom made good steps toward healing their broken relationship. All was well (EXCEPT FOR WON).

And, of course, these guys.

They’re going to be juuuust fine.

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