Oh, Heirs -- when you do adorable you do it so adorably! All my grumpiness from the last two episodes are gone. The finale might not have earned the slow-clap of epic awesome, but it did make me smile.

Hi all! *waves* I'm Betsy from Creating Volumes and I'm thrilled to be joining Dramafever's Drama Club for Heirs' stunning conclusion...

Five things I loved:

(1) Young Do: I loved that he beat his dad -- without cheating! I loved that he found his mom. (Okay -- the drama found her for him. But their reunion gave me feels, so I'm not complaining. Noting. But not complaining.) I loved, loved, loved that he sought out and apologized to Joon Young and that his former bullying wasn't hand-waved away. It means Young Do is truly becoming a human being, no longer daddy's little monster.

(2) Tan and Eun Sang 4ever: They are adorable together! Yes, almost as adorable as Chan Young and Bo Na (a high measure of adorableness, indeed). I loved that they were together -- bantering furiously -- throughout the final two episodes.

(3) Team Won and Tan: Finally (finally!) our brothers joined forces. It was a long time coming (too long?), but it happened and it was beautiful.

(4) Team Moms: Always better together, I loved that the finale was jam-packed with Madam Han and Hee Nam. I laughed, of course. But I also cried (that beach scene... *sob*). And I adore that they'll always be together. (Tan's future-dream said so!)

(5) Symbolic Body Outline Stayed Symbolic: No one died! (And by, "no one," I mean, Hyo Shin -- obviously.) I loved the reveal that all the students did it as a form of protest art. Clever, show. Very clever. And not tragic. Extra points for you!

Two things I hated (and one that has me conflicted):

(1) Chairman Kim: No love from me. Not even after the sympathy-seeking stroke. He'd made his bed and I was fine with him lying comatose in it. Also -- I didn't like that his waking up solved all the problems and that he magically accepted Eun Sang. I wanted him defeated! And alone! And miserable! ...too harsh?

(2) The Never-ending Ending: That... was a lot of endings. At first it was good because I like these people and it's hard to say goodbye. Then I was tapping my foot, wondering when they'd leave. Then I came all the way around to amused because wow -- that was a lot of endings!

(Conflicted!) Sad Won: I didn't hate his ending. There had to be some bitter to tone down the sweet. I guess. But... My poor, poor Won! His breaking down in the study, with Tan's voice-over saying he cries every night? This was not happy making. Not at all.

On the whole, though, the ending brought the happy and these final two episodes were fun. Over-padded in places (true of too much of the drama) but ultimately entertaining.

So long Heirs! And thanks for all the (bizarre... weird... bizarrely weird?) fashion!

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