Welp, Heirs is done, and hmm…not my fav. This series had so much potential! Fantastic actors and possibly interesting storylines, but as you all know, the massive amounts of staring and crying lost me. Fortunately, Heirs ended on a high note with two fairly intriguing episodes, so snaps for that. Because Kayla and Betsy already did a phenomenal job covering the finale and said all my thoughts, I’m going to share my favorite stills from the past two episodes (lucky you):

Oh, Myung Soo! You make a cute face at all of us, and for that, I thank you.

Did anyone else notice how Tan went from a perfectly normal dark suit outside his mom’s door to this monstrosity that was surely stolen from Sir Elton John’s closet once inside her room? Busted!

This reunion, and the relationship in general, tugged at my basically-immovable heart strings!

Won? Smiling? Get outta town! (and then keep smiling because daaaaaang, Won!)

Young Do! The bright light in this Heirs mess! His character development was so wonderfully done, and look at him still being a brother to Rachel! Awww!

Thank goodness Tan and Eun Sang took “how to be a cute couple” lessons from Chan Young and Bo Na! This scene in particular had me splitting at the seams.

The body-outline symbolism was deep and took me by surprise. All the money and fame can’t by happiness, am I right? Once more, snaps to the writers.

Never change, Young Do. Never change.

Look out, it’s the devil!!! Oh - nope. My bad, it’s just the chairwoman. (symbolic much?)

Matching father-son fishing outfits! Cuties.

So Heirs - I laughed, I cried, I yelled at the screen out of boredom a lot. Admittedly, there were many enjoyable scenes, but in the end, I felt like the chairwoman:

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