Kayla: GAH it’s over, you guys! I have to say that I’m pleased with these last two episodes. They pulled everything together quite nicely and Tan’s dream of 10 years down the road gave us a small and hopeful view of where everyone will be. I can live with that. But, now that it’s all over, let’s talk favorites.


Kayla: I feel like a broken record, but I LOVE Won. I love that he came around in the end and united with his brother. I’m still heartbroken over his lack of happy ending but at least he’ll always have Tan.

Betsy: Won was definitely awesome (he actually made me tear up a little during his crying scene) but… for me, it’s Young Do. Yes, he was a (disturbing!) monster to start with. But by the end he actually had a heart. And I loved watching his journey.

Erica: I have to agree with Betsy, but everyone already knew that I would. I’ve been fascinated by Young Do since the beginning, and his character development has by far been the best storyline in this series.

Kayla: Oh, absolutely. Best Character Development Award goes to Young Do. No contest!

Favorite COUPLE:

Kayla: Hee Nam and Madame Han. I love every single scene they had together. Also, they never did any unnecessary staring!

Betsy: Oooh... Excellent choice, Kayla! I was going to go with the more obvious (and deeply adorable) Chan Young and Bo Na but you can’t beat the two moms. (That breaking-into-the-safe scene… Chan Young and Bo Na should have pulled a heist. Their loss.)

Erica: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, can I get a “whoop-whoop” for Young Do and Myung Soo? Bromances are my k-drama bread-and-butter, and the chemistry between these two was spot-on. Please tell me these two are friends in real life!

Favorite SCENE:

Kayla: I was going back through my screenshots from past eps and remembering how I laughed hysterically when Eun Sang compared her body to the California babes on the beach.

Although, seeing as I’m a hopeless romantic, nothing can compare to the closet kiss scene. Hoo boy.

Betsy: That scene where Young Do drops Eun Sang in the pool. It’s the grin. Kim Woo Bin knows how to work the bad-boy grin.

Erica: The pillow fight with Madame Han and Nee Ham! When time slows down and they are staring at all the feathers around them? Hahaha, I lost it!


Kayla: For a show where 75% of the cast wears uniforms all the time, Heirs somehow managed to still give us LOTS of crazy fashion. While Tan was a consistent offender, Myung Soo had some seriously weird getups. In episode 19 he gave us THIS:

The pom-pom topped cap. The blazer with leather sleeves. The matchy/clashy patterned shirt and pants combo.

Oh Myung Soo. Never change.

Betsy: Aw, Myung Soo. He somehow managed to make fashion-crazy seem adorable. Though, Tan’s fuzzy pink cardigan of “I love you, Hyung!” was an epic mix of crazy and adorable. Throw in the stealth hug and that’s a fashion statement that will live on in memory.

Erica: Yes! That cardigan! And almost anything Tan wore once he got to Korea. Some of the weirdest sweaters were those insane turtlenecks that both Tan and Young Do wore; those turtlenecks almost swallowed their heads whole! I want to know, who on earth thought that would good look?

What about you, fellow Heirs watchers? Let’s hear all about your favorites from the series!

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